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4 Reasons to Switch to Life Insurance Hotkeys & why ours are different

4 Reasons to Switch to Life Insurance Hotkeys & why ours are different

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of cold calling people, prospects interested in getting a life insurance quote would call you?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. That’s exactly what our life insurance hotkeys are. Sure, you may have tried them before, and how did they work out, badly?

We’ve heard. Plenty of clients come to us and say that the average replacement policies are flimsy or non-existent.

In addition to that, the quality of the leads is too poor to warrant the hefty price tag.

But Direct Data Squad’s hotkeys are different. Here’s why:

1. High Purchase Intent

Unlike a lot of life insurance hotkey providers, our hotkeys come with strong purchase intent. What we mean by this, is that simply keeping a prospect on the phone long enough to hear a quote isn’t good enough.

Instead, we generate our hotkeys with a sale in mind. We only transfer hotkeys that we think you can sell. Therefore, when we transfer a hotkey we’ll try our best to find an angle for you to sell a new policy. Due to this, conversions are extraordinarily high.

What are some examples?

  • Policyholder is no longer a smoker
  • Policyholder has new children or children that are no longer dependent
  • Policyholder desires a higher level of Critical Illness Cover
  • Policyholder has re-mortgaged

direct data squad

2. Live Delivery

Next day delivery is great, same day delivery is better, but do you know what’s even better?

Real-Time Delivery.

With life insurance hotkeys, as soon as a prospect is interested and ready to look for a better life insurance policy, they’ll be speaking with you.

Due to this, engagement rates are much higher, as are conversions. But more importantly clawback rates on this type of lead is extremely low. Part of the reason is that the prospects need has been fulfilled.

With real-time delivery you don’t have to worry about prospects losing interest or searching for another quote with one of your competitors.

3. High ROI

A lot of hotkeys providers promise mouth-watering ROIs with live transfer leads. However, due to the weak quality and high price, it’s always a huge mountain to climb to see a return on investment.

Our hotkeys are a different story.

Unless you have a narrow criteria, we make sure that our life insurance hotkeys are very affordably priced. Especially considering the high transfer-to-sale rates.

Ultimately, it’s in our best interest for you to make money. If your business is flying, so is ours!

That’s why our number one priority is ensuring that we help boost your return-on-investment.

4. Sales Atmosphere

direct data squad

Do you recognise the sound of a sales floor packed with agents bored of cold calling? We do, and far too many of our clients do too.

One of our favourite remedies for this problem is supplementing life insurance data lists with hotkeys.

In almost all cases, our clients see a huge boost in morale and productivity. Which, lead to improved sales.

Sound like hotkeys may be a good fit for you? Great, find out more by chatting to one of our experienced advisors.