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Bespoke Lead Generation

Let Us Find Your Perfect Customer By Running A Bespoke Campaign, Tailoring The Script To Qualify Customers To YOUR Standard.

This Way You Are Only Dealing With Customers Related To Your Product/Services.

With Bespoke Campaigns We Can Book The Appointment In Your Calendar Or Even Live Transfer The Customer Over To Your Sales Team.

At Direct Data Squad we have a plethora of data categories for your business to choose from; however, if you’re still not satisfied that we can find your specialist customer, we go a step further.

We run bespoke campaigns allowing you to run data acquisition campaigns through us which allowing you to tailor the script and questions to segment the market and qualify your ideal customer.

With Bespoke campaigns, we can book the appointment in your calendar or even live transfer the customer straight to your sales team.

Bespoke Campaigns

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