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Boiler Installation Leads – Best Leads for Plumbers

What are Boiler Leads?

Boiler leads are marketing qualified leads of UK consumers looking for a new boiler. Each boiler lead has engaged with our digital marketing activity and requests a quote online.

All of these leads are boiler replacement leads. A consumer may be suited to a boiler repair if you wish to push that service. However, it’s not what the prospect expected. They submitted a request for a quote on a new boiler.

How do you generate plumbing leads?

We generate 100% of our boiler installation leads online. That way, no prospect has ever received an irritating phone call. Instead, they engage with our content at their own pace and ask for a quote when they’re ready.

Due to this, online new boiler prospects are far more receptive than their telemarketing counterparts.

That’s why our clients see such success with this type of lead.

Why Buy Boiler Leads?

  • 100% Exclusive Leads
  • Better ROI compared to telemarketing
  • More engaged conversations with prospects
  • No wasted time speaking to uninterested people

What comes with Boiler Installation Leads?

Every lead engages with our marketing material and requests a quote.

Each lead comes with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Postcode
  • Age bracket of boiler (0-3; 4-10; 10+)


Boiler Leads

Of course, we can amend the contact forms to gather more information. However, it’s worth noting that in most cases, adding additional fields will affect the cost of the lead.

Why? Typically, when users have their online experience slowed by additional qualification questions, more drop out. Which therefore affects lead volume; and thus makes the campaign more expensive for us.

Web Lead vs Telemarketing Lead

Intent – The web leads win this one. Interest in your product is always higher when a prospect initiates the contact process.

Unfortunately, this is an area that telemarketing will never be able to compete with.

Price – Telemarketing leads take the biscuit on this one. Well, that is on a cost-per-lead basis anyway.

As anyone will tell you, telemarketing works on the volume strategy. Or the cast the widest net strategy. In order to do this, you’ll need several thousand telemarketing records. Whilst one record sounds cheap, the price soon racks up.

And that’s when ROI comes in.

ROI – In almost all of our clients’ cases, Web Leads win this one.

If they cost more, how is the ROI better?

Simple. Almost all of our plumbing clients find that web leads have a far better conversion rate. So much so, that it makes them better value for money than telemarketing leads.


Boiler Installation Lead Products

Exclusive Web Leads

We generate these leads online using our landing page

All of these leads are qualified and interested in your product. In addition to an improved quality of lead, they are 100% exclusive. It’s not in no one’s best interest to sell the same lead to multiple clients.

Why? Our client’s don’t want to have to compete with their competitors for leads. Just like how consumers don’t want to be hammered as soon as they ask for a quote. We both of these problems create a bad product with a short shelf life.

image of exclusive boiler leads


Exclusive First-Use Leads

We generate first-use leads through telemarketing surveys. You agree a qualification criteria with one of our account managers. Then, our lead generation experts start finding your leads.

Once they find a match, they are compiled and delivered within 24 hours.

That way, it’s essentially impossible for one of your competitors to beat you to the prospect. In addition to this, we generate these leads with only one client in mind. We don’t supply them to the multiple clients.

image of leads for plumbers generation agent


Boiler Data Lists

If you have a large and experienced marketing team, this form of data may be for you. All consumer data records are opted in within the last 12 months.

Depending on your purchasing criteria, you can pick data records with opt-ins ranging from 30 days to 12 months.

Typically, with this type of data, you’ll know the consumers name, address, phone number, as well as age and brand of their boiler.

best plumbing leads image

frequently asked questions

If you’re looking to buy boiler leads, it’s essential that you source them from a reliable lead generation agency, like Direct Data Squad. Direct Data Squad have been supplying the best leads for plumbers since 2016.

Every new lead submits a quote request at Our digital marketing toolbox includes search engine marketing and social media advertising. This includes organic search targeting, as well as advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Google and Bing. For more information on our marketing material, get in touch.

While opinions may vary, the best leads for plumbers are almost certainly our Real-Time Boiler Web Leads. This is because they provide the most interested customers; they offer the best ROI; and even improved productivity.

Absolutely. We specialise in finance boiler leads. These days more than ever, consumers are looking to buy boilers on finance. That’s why we include financing options in our marketing material.

How can I get new boiler leads?

At Direct Data Squad, we know that nobody wants to sit around for leads. That's why we have a quick, seamless process to acquiring fresh leads.

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