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What are Co-Registration Leads?

Co-registration leads, or co-reg leads, are consumer marketing leads that we generate via online surveys. The entire customer journey for this type of lead is online and usually begins with PPC display advertising.

This is a lesser-known technique of generating high quality consumer leads and often generates exceptional results.

Where do we generate them?

We generate Co-reg leads all over the internet. Our digital advertising spreads across multiple channels and has an estimated reach of almost 20 million people in the UK.

Depending on who we’re targeting, and what is being incentivised, strategies may vary. In most cases though, display ads on popular websites with large UK traffic is our preferred method of acquisition. These websites include Sky Sports News, In Style, and even the Daily Mail.


What are the advantages?

  • 100% Online Generated

Online generated leads provide a better customer journey which often results in better engagement and better conversations.

  • Extensively Qualified

Unlike telemarketing leads, co-registration allows prospects to complete the qualification in their own time and at their own pace. Generally, this means that they answer more questions and become a qualified.

  • Multiple Contact Methods

Depending on what method of contact you find most effective, we can ask prospects for different opt-ins. That way you can compliantly communicate with prospects however you like.

Co-Registration Leads

Co-registration vs Telemarketing

Both Co-reg and telemarketing offer plenty of advantages; but depending on what campaign you’re running, one of these may be more suited to your business.

If you’re new to co-reg leads, we advise giving us a call so that we can walk you through the process. There’s an abundance of targeting options with co-reg leads which is why we like to learn about your business and walk you through the targeting options.

Why Co-reg?

Co reg offers an improved lead generation journey and collects a lot of information that can be very difficult to collect with telephone survey.

In addition to this, different hooks and marketing material can be used to target specific consumers.

Why Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a lot more tried and tested. It’s also very versatile so it can be used for various industries or campaigns. However, it does often mean that you’re not doing anything new by opting for telemarketing. Unless you’re buying exclusive leads, you’ll often speak to prospects that have been pitched your product by a competitor already.

On the other hand, telemarketing does prime a prospect. If a lead has had an engaging conversation with a lead generation agent in South African or Kosovo, they’re very likely to have a good conversation with you.

frequently asked questions

There's plenty of reasons why you would want to start using this type of lead generation. Co-reg is a great way to source qualified, online generated leads at an affordable rate. Nonetheless, it's important to have a chat with one of our marketers before starting to make sure that it's the right fit.

Co-reg leads are 100% legal. In fact, because the entire customer journey is online, co-reg leads are more transparent than any other form of lead. Due to this, it's easier to provide evidence of opt-in and customer journey. We only supply GDPR compliant leads and always will do.

To generate these leads, we advertise on hundreds of websites across the internet. These websites are some of the most high traffic websites in the UK, including Sky Sports News, In Style, The Daily Mail, and MSN.

How does Co-Reg Lead Generation work?

Here's the step-by-step journey for co-registration lead generation...

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