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ECO 4 Home Improvements – What I Need to Know about ECO 4 Leads

What is the ECO Scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government scheme to help households that are more likely to struggle with their energy bills.

Since the scheme was first introduced in 2013, about 2.3 million households have received a measure through the scheme.

The ECO scheme is now in it’s fourth, and possibly last, cycle. This means that more people than ever are scrambling to claim their home improvements.

What are ECO 4 Leads?

ECO 4 Leads are marketing lists of UK homeowners and their EPC ratings. With this type of marketing data, you can cut through the noise of the market and speak directly with homeowners with poor energy performance.

Unlike in previous ECO cycles, ECO 4 is happening during a period of soaring energy prices. With the government covering the cost of most or all of the work, who’s going to turn down work that could reduce their energy bill?

How Can I Make ECO 4 Leads work for me?

You’re great at making people’s homes warmer and more efficient. All you need now is UK homeowners with poor EPC ratings that need your help.

Great news, it’s far easier to achieve this than you think.

What Do I Need to do?

1. Identify where your target customer lives

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Where are you based and how far are you willing to travel to make a sale?

Home improvement sales can be enormous, so you should consider casting a wide net to maximise the size of your market.

2. Do you have a preferred EPC rating?

For instance, do you only want households with E or F ratings?

Unless you need a specific EPC rating, we advise against this. As in most cases, it can dramatically reduce the size your potential customer base.

3. Do you need information on a specific improvement?

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If you’re a specialised fitter, like a loft insulation fitter, you may want to only target homeowners that aren’t listed as having loft insulation on the EPC register.

It’s worth noting that the more niche your target market, the small your potential customer-base will be.

If you’re unsure of how to effectively segment the ECO 4 market, no problem; one of our experienced marketing experts is always on hand to help out with this.

How Many Households Could I Contact?

In total, we have just over 452,000 EPC data records opted-in to hear from experts like you. If you’re looking for a specific category, here’s how many households you’ll be looking at:

A – 18,000

B – 24,000

C – 61,000

D – 83,000

E – 105,000

F – 77,000

G – 84,000

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Learn more about EPC Data Lists and how to make the most out of the ECO 4 Scheme.