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What are Funeral Plan Sales Leads?

Funeral plan leads are marketing records of consumers who have expressed a positive interest in taking out a funeral plan. Every month we collect an additional 20,000 funeral plan records.

Every year, funerals are getting more expensive. That’s why demand for pre-paid funeral plans is surging. Due to this, this industry is proving more lucrative as more consumers are open to buying a pre-paid funeral plan.

How Do We Generate Them?

We generate funeral plan sales leads via telephone survey. Each prospect has had an engaging conversation with a lead generation agent and opted-in to hear from our partners.

Once a prospect expresses an interest and opts-in for marketing, the agent collects their contact information and it joins our huge consumer database.


Our Expert’s Pick

We’ve been finding new customers for funeral brokers for over 10 years.

Over this period of time, we’ve worked out a few tips and tricks to optimize a funeral sales campaign. We’ve seen particularly great success when targeting Over 50s Life Insurance policyholders.

We have a database of over 200,000 Over 50s policyholders and generate more every day.

Fancy trying out this tactic? Give us a call and get access to our accurate and reliable data.


Funeral Plan Leads

Data Options

First Use

Access our freshly generated first use Funeral Plan leads. These leads are generated in one of our call centres by an experienced lead gen agent. Once they’ve been generated, we deliver them within 24 hours. Due to how fresh these leads are, accuracy is rarely an issue. That way, you can be absolutely certain that you’re targeting the right customers.

Second Use & Multiple Use

If you have a large, experienced sales team, you may find that you get a better return on your investment from second use data. These records are available aged anywhere between 30 days and 120 days. Whilst these records may have been contacted before, they’re still fresh enough to be hyper accurate. Often we see sales teams use their skills to optimize this data and produce a staggering ROI. These funeral plan data lists are an inexpensive of way of ensuring that you have plenty of prospects to pitch to.

Funeral Plan Web Leads

You may not have time to generate your own leads. Maybe you’re a smaller business or you’re looking to diversify you lead generation. If that’s the case you may wish to acquire real-time leads. Funeral plan web leads are generated online using digital marketing tools. Due to this, prospects are often very receptive and convert at a rate above 30%.

Generate Your Own

We offer rented access to our lead generation page. This can span from 3 months up to 12 months. You’ll be able to generate your own leads using digital techniques, such as PPC, SEO, or Social Media Marketing.

By renting our page, you’ll be able to have full control of your own lead generation strategy.

Check out Quote For Funeral Plan here.

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