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How to generate Live Transfer Hotkey Leads

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How to generate Live Transfer Hotkey Leads

Live transfer leads are what everybody wants. Sure, you can see the appeal. Instead of grafting and nurturing your own leads all day, you can sit back and wait for inbound leads.

If you’re thinking about switching to life insurance hotkeys leads, learn more before you go any further.

Sounds great! But that relaxation does come at a cost. Generally, live transfer leads are the most expensive leads you can buy. If you invest in poor quality leads, you can quickly end up panicked and chasing to break-even. Not all live transfer leads are like this, but we hear about it far too often.

So, what’s the alternative?

What about if you could generate your own hotkey leads? All the quality but at a fraction of the cost. If you’re thinking about generating your own hotkey leads…keep reading.

How do we generate our Live Transfer Leads?

Step One:

The Right Team.

We’ve selected and nurtured a skilled and experienced team of lead generation agents.

Unfortunately, lead gen agents often get a bad reputation. Generally, it’s because they’re failed ‘closers’ or inexperienced and new to the insurance industry. Whichever they are, they don’t have the skill or the experience to deliver quality leads.

Why is this? In most cases it’s because lead gen agents aren’t paid well enough. Therefore, it’s difficult to attract real talent.

Due to the volume of live leads that we generate, we can afford to incentivise and pay our lead gens well. As a result, we retain the best lead generation agents.

The benefit of this is that these agents know how to open the call, get their foot in the door, and engage the prospects. Our extensive training sessions mean that our agents are always looking for hooks and openings. As a result, our live leads convert well because the ‘closer’ has an angle to sell.

Building a team is essential if you’re going to generate your own live leads. Without it, you’ll waste your time generating 50-50 leads, burning data, and create friction between your closers and lead gens.

direct data squad

Step Two:

The Right Comms & Distribution

The communication channel between the closers and lead gens is vital. That’s because live leads only work when everyone is on the same page.

If you’re looking at generating your own hotkeys in-house, you have two options to create an effective comms channel.

Option 1:

Office space share.

This is a popular option for small businesses. This way, closers and lead gens can constantly share feedback for each other as well as easily exchange prospect information.

Another advantage to this is staff morale. When sales teams work together, they create a more exciting office atmosphere which in turn results in better productivity.

Option 2:

Create a digital communication channel. This can be done with software like Slack, but even WhatsApp and Teams works for this.

With a digital comms channel, lead gens and closers can communicate instantly about important lead information. Digital comms channels allow your team to discuss important information about prospects and potential sales angles, but doesn’t allow distracting personal conversations. No one’s talking about the weekend’s premier league fixtures over the business chat.

direct data squad

Step Three:

The Right Data

Life insurance data to generate hotkey leads can be cheap. If your agents are good on the phones, second use leads can work exceptionally work.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that the low hanging fruit will have been picked from most aged marketing lists. So, you don’t want to be buying data that’s too old. Whilst there may still be fruit to be picked, the easiest sales really help to improve your ROI.

Getting the right data is a balancing act, and one that takes time to perfect. Somewhere in-between large volume and more qualified, there’s a perfect middle ground for you.

Remember, everyone’s perfect middle ground will be different. Often, lead gens are happy to work a little bit harder to make a larger ROI, and other times they want something a little more fresh or qualified for a better conversion rate.

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