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How to make ECO4 work for you – The 2 Best ECO4 Lead Options

How to make ECO4 work for you – The 2 Best ECO4 Lead Options

The ECO scheme is back, and maybe for the last time!

Since the ECO scheme started in 2013, around 3.4 million home improvements have been installed in around 2.4 million properties.

That’s why it’s now more competitive than ever and why the Government’s criteria is stricter than in previous ECO cycles.

Due to this, there’s no time to waste. You need to get the best leads and get to work!

So, what leads should you get? Well, here’s an overview of the best leads on the market working for ECO installers…

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EPC Data Lists

What are EPC Data Lists?

EPC Data Lists are accurate marketing records of UK homeowners that we match against the Government’s EPC register.

That way, you know what work needs to be done and whether the house qualifies for ECO funding before making contact.

It’s important to note that you won’t know whether the homeowner qualifies for ECO funding until you speak to them.

ECO installers up and down the country find that this type of data works particularly well for them. That’s because you have all the information about the property before calling. As a result, converting the prospect is much easier and, in almost all cases, leads to an uptick in sales.

Why EPC Data Lists?

  • Speak to the owners of homes that qualify.
  • Accurate and reliable marketing data lists
  • Flexible data lists that can bend to match your criteria
  • 4 million total records UK-wide

Can I still Profile EPC Data?

Absolutely. Data lists that can’t be segmented to work perfectly for you are no good to anyone.

So, before you speak to one of our marketing pros, think about who and where your desired customer is. That way, you can have a constructive discussion about market segmentation with your account manager.

How can we find your customer?

  • EPC Rating – Have a specific rating that you’re targeting? Let us know.
  • Home Improvement – You may even require a specific home improvement or house characteristic. If you do, be sure to mention this to your account manager.
  • Location – It goes without saying that if you’re an installer in Middlesborough, leads in Oxford are of no use to you. So let us know how far you’re willing to travel, and we’ll create a radius limit on your leads.
  • All Demographic Variables – If your target customer fits into a specific age or income etc bracket, we’ll apply these overlays to our segmentation process.

It’s important to note that the more target your data lists, the more expensive they will likely be. In addition to this, they’ll be less volume.

The Benefits of EPC Data

Why buy EPC Data Lists? Here’s why…

  • Data that is as accurate as the EPC register (we match every record against the government register).
  • Huge volume. If you’re looking to cast a wide net, this is the option for you.
  • Data that creates informed conversations.
  • Hyper-flexible which means it can tailored to almost any campaign.

Direct Data Squad

ECO4 Web Leads

What are ECO4 Web Leads?

ECO4 Web Leads are Marketing Qualified Leads of UK consumers who are concerned about their energy bills and are looking for support.

We generate and deliver these leads in real-time. Due to this, these leads are incredibly receptive. As soon as the prospect enquires online to hear from you, their details are delivered instantly to your CRM.

As a general rule, the faster these leads are contacted the better the conversion rate.

What comes with ECO4 Web Leads?

  • Name
  • Contact information (phone number and email address)
  • Street address
  • Postcode
  • Homeowner status
  • Household heating system

This is the criteria that works for our current client-base. However, if you’d like more information, we can add it. It’s important to remember though that this requires altering our website and online form.

Due to this, additional information can affect our cost-per-lead (CPL) as well affecting volumes.

The Benefits of ECO4 Web Leads

  • Delivered in real-time. That means that you get to speak to consumers when they’re still in the customer experience journey. This results in more receptive conversations and better conversions.
  • Engaged customers. Unlike data lists, we generate these leads online. As a result, the consumers are much more interested in hearing from you.
  • Affordable leads that convert. This equation keeps your ROI looking healthy.

Fancy kickstarting your ECO4 campaign, chat with one of our experts today!

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