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What are IVA Leads?

IVA Leads are UK consumers in financial difficulty and in need of debt assistance. Every IVA lead from us is a qualified lead. By this, we mean that every prospect matches the IVA criteria. All of these leads are in more than £5,000 of debt, and to more than 2 creditors.

What’s the official debt criteria? Check out the IVA criteria here at IVA advice.

If you require a stricter one let of our account managers know. We’re flexible and deliver bespoke leads to multiple clients every day.

Every one of our leads are 100% exclusive. However, if you’re looking for something less qualified and exclusive, consumer data lists may be more relevant. For this, we segment our consumer databases by various debt and income criteria.

How do you generate Debt Management Leads?

All our debt management leads are generated via online marketing channels. To do this, we use a broad digital marketing toolbox to target, engage, and convert consumers online. These tactics include paid search marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

One of the greatest benefits of IVA web leads is the much improved customer journey. No matter how good an agent is on the phone, a prospect is always ‘cold called’ to generate a lead.

However, online marketing allows consumers to engage in our mix of inbound and outbound marketing. As a result, this massively improves customer satisfaction, engagement rates, and conversions.

What comes with IVA Leads?

All our debt web leads come with the consumer’s debt amount, number of creditors, and contact information. This includes primary phone number and email address.

In order to streamline the lead generation process we don’t ask prospects to input the exact debt and creditor amount. Instead, we use numerical brackets so that a user can select which bracket they fall into.

For instance, if a prospect is in £8,000 worth of debt. They can choose the debt amount: 6,000 – 8,000.

In our experience, this is the best way to reduce the lead form abandonment rate. Which means that you get more leads!

Why get IVA Web Leads?


  • Registered interest in your service
  • Delivered in Real-Time
  • Improved Customer Journey = Better Response Rate
  • 100% Qualified


IVA Leads

If you’re a busy debt management advisor, the last thing you want is to waste your time outbound hundreds of dial consumers. IVA web leads ensure that when you call someone, you know that they’re interested in your services.

Additionally, all our leads are delivered in real-time. This means that when someone registers an interest and completes our form, they’re delivered straight to you. Consequently, you get to engage with the prospect whilst their interest is still peaked. In addition to this, real-time delivery ensures a far better response rate.

Every lead is 100% qualified. Further to this, if you require more specific criteria, we may be able to adapt our campaign specifically for you. Speak to one of our account managers to find out more.

How are Debt Leads delivered?

Well, however you like really!

What deliver method suits you?

  • API deliver straight into your CRM (Real-Time)
  • Email delivery to a selected inbox (Real-Time)
  • Compiled total leads in a CSV file (Not Real-Time; daily or weekly)


What’s the difference between IVA and Debt Management Leads?

IVA leads and debt management leads are exactly the same thing. The only difference is what people call them.

An IVA is stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a specific legally binding arrangement between a consumer and their creditors.

Whereas, debt management is the general service of helping consumers with debt relief. Essentially, an IVA is a product under the debt management service umbrella.

IVA Lead Products

Real-Time IVA Web Leads

We generate IVA web leads online and deliver them in Real-Time. For this type of lead, every prospect engages with our marketing material online and follow through to our website. From there, they complete our qualification form and turn into a lead for you.

All these leads are 100% exclusive.

One of the great benefits of this type of lead is that prospects are typically much more engaged. That’s because online lead generation is less intrusive than telemarketing. In addition to this, prospects get to engage with marketing material and convert when they’re ready to do so.

Consequently, engagement and conversion rates are far higher than other form of leads.

IVA Data Lists

IVA data lists are marketing data lists for IVA brokers. These are marketing records can offer a mouth-watering ROI. That’s because it’s high volume data at an affordable rate.

If you’re an IVA broker, you’ll know that targeting UK consumers based on debt amount, loan-decline status etc, is against GDPR compliance. Therefore, we can’t ask consumers these sorts of questions.

Nonetheless, our marketing experts have created a successful targeting criteria that is in action every day with our IVA clients. What to know more about our tried-and-tested targeting criteria, speak to one of our marketing pros.

This type of lead is best suited to large and experienced sales teams.

Alternative IVA Lead Generation:

In-House Lead Generation

Starting your own in-house lead generation strategy can be tricky. It’s an expensive leap to take and you may not know what to do first.

First, you’ll need your own website. Then, you’ll need a digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to your websites and incentivise conversions.

That’s a lot to worry about. It’s no wonder so many businesses turn to lead generation agencies.

Average cost of In-House Lead Gen:

  • Website build = £8,000+
  • Digital Marketing consultation = £150+
  • Hiring a Marketing team = £4000+
  • Marketing Budget = £2000+

That’s why we’re offering an easier route into generating your own leads in-house with the option to buy or rent one of our IVA lead generation brands, Go Away Debts.

Purchase of this website includes a successful Social Media Advertising campaign that you can use to kickstart your lead generation.


frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say without knowing more about you and your campaign. Generally, web leads offer the best conversion rates money can buy. But plenty depends on your criteria, desired targeting, contact method and experience. For more information, speak to one of our managers here.

Well, however you like! Every prospect comes with a primary phone number and an email address. So, you can call, SMS message, email, or even WhatsApp. In our experience, delivering an SMS message prior to a phone call is the best way to contact prospects. However, you’ll likely have your own sales data and have worked out your best contact method.

We’re really confident in our ability to deliver you leads that result in sales. And rarely, if ever do we need to offer replacements. Due to this, we offer a generous returns policy. If they lead is out of criteria, the lead is replaced. Simple as that! You will agree a qualifying criteria with your account manager prior to ordering. This is what we’ll measure returns by.

Absolutely! All our online generated leads are always 100% exclusive! Delivering leads to multiple clients isn’t in anyone’s best interest. It’s bad for the lead buyers; you pay more and may not even be able to contact that prospect first. Plus, it’s bad for the prospect. No one wants to ‘Request a Quote’ or ‘Apply Now’ and suddenly become inundated with unsolicited calls. Negative reviews spread fast and we’re sure that that’s a fast track to no more leads.

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