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Life Insurance Leads – How To Get Better Leads

Life Insurance Leads – How To Get Better Leads

If you’re a life insurance broker, you know the feeling. Every life insurance broker dreams of getting better life insurance leads. Unfortunately, they’re not easier to find. On the other hand, what is easy to find is the sea of new and inexperienced lead generation companies who don’t have a clue about life insurance lead generation.

Does that sounds familiar? Have you been promised the world and end up delivering very little.

So, how do you get better leads? Don’t worry it’s far easier than you think. Here’s a few tried and tested method to test

Identify What Works?

Are you able to identify any similar characteristics between your customers? Gather information on your customers and search for strong correlations. Are you customers high income, or low income? Are they single or married, male or female? You get what we mean.

With this information you can then search for consumer records for a specific segment. In some cases, this strategy has doubled brokers’ ROI.

It is worth mentioning that in most cases, specifying more segmentation criteria will increase the cost of data.

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Diversify Leads

Don’t rely on just one form of data. In our experience, sales teams that don’t diversify their leads have a less motivated and engaged sales team. On the flip side, the other teams see an improved work ethic and staff morale which almost always leads to more sales.

For instance, some of our clients blend second-use life insurance data lists and life insurance hotkeys. This contrast of live transfer leads and dialler data ensures that your team have accurate leads to keep them engaged and busy, but also they can catch a break with live transfer sales.

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Find a Reputable Lead Provider

Whilst this is all great advice, none of this matters if your lead gen partner is unreliable or has a below-par product. Otherwise, you’ll always be throwing good money after bad.

It’s important that you’re certain that you’re lead provider can match your demands with high quality leads.

If you’re not certain, it’s time to give Direct Data Squad a try. Have a chat and see what one of our agents can do for you.