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In addition to high quality data lists, we also supply high quality Live Transfer Leads. Live Transfer Leads are a very qualified form of B2C data that is generated by a telephone or digital marketing specialist. Unlike list data, these prospects are actively looking to buy your product.

Due to the active nature of the prospect, the conversion rate is often far higher than with any other form of data. With Live Leads, our average client sees a conversion rate in excess of 30%. As a result, Live Transfer Leads are quickly becoming one of our most popular data products.

Our Live Transfer Lead Products:

Why Get Live Transfer Leads?

List data offers a mouth-watering ROI opportunity. However, in our experience, to best utilise this form of data a highly skilled and incentivised sales team with excellent telephone manner is a necessity.

Plenty of our clients find that this form of data performs exceptionally well for them. On the other hand, when buying data, a one size fits all policy will almost certainly set you up for failure.

If you think of your team as advisors rather than salespeople, Live Transfer Leads may be a much better option for you. Outsource your lead generation and allow your team to be more productive with their time. Simply wait for an Insurance Hotkey to call you, or for an Insurance Web Lead to slide into your CRM.

As a consequence, not only do our Live Transfer Lead customers see improved revenue metrics, they benefit from an improved office atmosphere and team morale, too.

With Live Transfer Leads, we often expect to see a reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) as well as a much healthier conversion-rate.



Live Transfer Leads

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