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Online Generated Solar Leads vs Telemarketing Solar Leads: A Discussion

Solar Panel Leads: Online Generated Leads vs Telemarketing Leads

What are Online Generated Solar Panel Leads?

Online generated solar panel leads are potential customers who have shown interest in solar energy solutions through various online platforms. These leads are acquired through targeted digital marketing efforts such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media campaigns, and email marketing. Unlike cold calls from telemarketers, these leads originate from voluntary interactions which generally makes them more receptive to engagement.

What are Telemarketing Solar Panel Leads?

Telemarketing solar panel leads are potential customers that have been identified through comprehensive profiling of consumer marketing databases.  

These prospects have been called for marketing purposes and answered a survey about solar energy solutions. For the prospect to be qualified as a lead, they must fulfil a certain number of criteria. For instance, a desire for solar energy solutions or an existing system that requires upgrading.

Due to the fact that these leads haven’t got in touch off their own back, they’re generally not as engaging as online leads. However, they’re much more affordable. Therefore, telemarketing solar panel leads can often be the most cost-effective lead solution.

The process of generating online solar leads

1. understanding your offering

There are hundreds of solar companies offering their energy solutions across any given area of the UK. Due to the high price point of solar panels, installers often travel far to reach customers. Often, we see installers with a huge radius in order to reach the maximum number of customers. As a result, this means that any postcode across the UK has a number of installers that they can get quotes from. This means that every installer needs a great offering, particularly for online lead generation. If a prospect has plenty of companies to choose from, why would they pick you?
  • Are you the lowest price?
  • Do you offer great finance?
  • Are your solar panels premium and offer better performance than your competitors?
Your unique selling point can be anything. But, you’ll need one in order to catch a new prospects eye and convince them that you’re the installer that they want to hear from.

2. Creating Engaging Content

Once we understand what your offering is, we’ll be able to create engaging ad copy that brings customers into the sales funnel. All our content creation is down in-house and specifically for your business. That way there’s no fragmentation between ad engagement and point of sale. By this we mean that the message that you deliver at the point of sale, is the same as the one the prospect recieves when they engage with the first marketing touchpoint. 

It doesn’t matter how good at sales anyone is, if an ad says ‘0% Finance Available’ and then an installer tries to sell them panels without finance, they’ll never convert into a sale. That’s why understanding your messaging is vital.

Depending on what platform we’re using, whether that’s just one or multiple, we’ll be creating different content for different platforms.

3. Platform Selection

Depending on your business and what you need, we may vary which advertising platforms we use for lead generation. For instance, if you require volume, we’ll most likely go multi-platform. For this, we’ll be looking at Meta ads, Google ads, and TikTok.

However, if you’d rather highly qualified, high intent leads, we may be looking at Google or a very qualified Meta campaign.

There’s no one size fits all strategy, we’ll know best after a discovery call.

Advantages of online generated solar Leads

1. Delivery in Real-Time

Unlike telemarketing where you’re searching for that customer, online leads come to you. That way there’s very little drop off. When a prospect is hot and ready to hear a quote, they’ll request one online and be delivered straight to you. Online leads are best for striking whilst the iron is hot!

2. Targeted Audience

Not only can you precisely target prospects based on desired audiences based on demographics, interests, and online behaviour, you target people who are activily interested in the product that you sell. This targeted approach ensures that you’re not wasting your time talking to people who aren’t interested and your marketing efforts are directed towards individuals who are more likely to be interested in solar energy solutions, therefore maximizing the efficiency of lead generation campaigns.

3. Real-time Monitoring

Online lead generation provides real-time analytics and insights, allowing solar companies to track the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize results. This level of visibility is only possible with online marketing. The same level of analysis with telemarketing would take months of working in order to generate the data to review.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

Online generated leads tend to have higher conversion rates compared to leads obtained through telemarketing. This is because online leads are often pre-qualified, having already expressed interest in solar energy solutions by engaging with relevant content or filling out lead capture forms. As a result, the sales process becomes more streamlined, leading to faster conversions and increased revenue.

Advantages of telemarketing solar Leads

1. Huge volume

Due to the nature of online leads, it’s very difficult to generate enormous volumes. There’s only a certain number of people in any given area actively searching for solar energy solutions. So, to generate more volume, you often need to reach further up the funnel and awaken that desire in prospects. That’s why telemarketing leads on the other hand come in heaps and bounds. 

2. Personal

With telemarketing leads, every interaction happens other the phone. What this means is that you can build a credible and valuable relationship. If you have great telephone manner and can deliver value over the phone, you can have a great deal of success with telemarketing leads.

3. Exclusive

Whilst you can buy exclusive solar leads for telemarketing, that’s not exactly the type of exclusive we mean. That’s generally when they’ve been generated exclusively for your business. However, databases can provide exclusive leads too. Often, a prospect is being called about solar panels for the first time. 

If you can awaken that desire for solar energy in them, it’s quite likely that they’ll never enquire with one of your competitors. If you can create the type of relationship that we outlined in the previous advantage, you’ll have plenty of slack when it comes to closing them.

4. Mouth-watering ROI

Leads are expensive. More exclusive and more qualified leads come at a price. Telemarketing though is still very affordable to get started and you need very few sales to start seeing a huge return on investment, particularly in solar energy.

Comparison with Telemarketing

1. Intrusiveness

Telemarketing is often perceived as intrusive and disruptive, leading to a negative reception from consumers. In contrast, online generated leads are obtained through voluntary interactions, making them more receptive to marketing messages and less likely to be viewed as intrusive.

2. Conversion Rates

Studies have shown that online generated leads have significantly higher conversion rates compared to leads generated through telemarketing. This is because online leads are typically warmer and more qualified, having already expressed interest in solar energy solutions through their online interactions.

3. Cost Comparison

Telemarketing campaigns require significant investment in manpower, phone lines, and infrastructure, making them more expensive and less cost-effective compared to online lead generation strategies. By leveraging digital marketing channels, solar companies can achieve greater reach and efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

The Importance of Quote Guarantee in Online Generated Leads

One of the key advantages of online generated solar panel leads is the inclusion of a ‘quote guarantee’ with every lead at Direct Data Squad. This means that every time we deliver a fresh solar panel lead, you know that the prospect is genuinely interested in a quote.

If you can’t quote them, we’ll deliver another. Same again? Don’t worry, we’ll keep going until you can quote the lead.


Online generated solar panel leads represent a significant advancement in solar marketing, offering a more efficient, cost-effective, and targeted approach to lead generation. By leveraging the power of digital marketing, solar companies can reach their target audience more effectively, achieve higher conversion rates, and ultimately drive business growth. Furthermore, the inclusion of a quote guarantee adds an extra layer of assurance for any solar installer looking to get started with solar panel leads.

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