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Opting-Out of Direct Marketing Compliance


DIRECT DATA SQUAD are a data broker with limited approved partners as well as generating their own data through means of lead generation with clear routes of opt ins.

Please see our Data Protection Privacy Policy for more information on how Direct Data Squad process your information under GDPR 2018 - Click Here To View Data Protection Policy

Our partner Opinion UK -,specialise in conducting UK Lifestyle/Hobbies Surveys which can be used for marketing where consumer have shown an interest in certain product, you can contact Opinion UK on 02921 255 786 or , if you require a Subject Access Request containing all the information we hold on you, this will need to be directed to Opinion UK as they are the data collector, you can also view their privacy policy here Opinion UK Privacy policy

DIRECT DATA SQUAD prides itself only sourcing & generating data which has been legally generated through clear routes of opt-ins.

All data which we provide adheres to the requirements of UK legislation relating to data collection, distribution, maintenance and the new GDPR Legislation Set on 25.05.18

Just because you haven’t opted in, doesn’t mean you cannot be contacted legally, there are many legal ways of marketing companies to cold call consumers without an opt in for a specific product/interest – see below on how to make them stop for good!

Simply Fed Up Of Cold Calls Full Stop?

If you wish to no longer receive marketing calls from companies you have not specifically asked to do so, you can now register your telephone number on the Telephone Preference Service COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, the registration takes no longer than 2 Minutes and after 30 days no company can legally cold call you marketing their services - WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS IF YOU WISH TO NO LONGER RECEIVE COLD CALLS - Click Here to register your number on the TPS free of charge.

Do You Wish To opt-out?

If you have received marketing communications from a company who claims to have purchased your details from DIRECT DATA SQUAD , please complete the following form and we will Unsubscribe/Opt-Out & Completely remove you from any direct marketing communications lists and also inform our provider & clients of this request so that you no longer receive any unwanted Telephone Calls, Texts And Emails:

By providing us the company name which contacted you and providing us the details they contacted you on this will allow us to trace this and remove this from ours/client’s database and inform you of the date/time and how your information was collected for direct marketing purposes by providing the date/time and recording of the telephone survey or the date/time and the URL of where you submitted your details online.

It is worth noting that the company contacting you have approached DIRECT DATA SQUAD  for us to supply fully opted in marketing lists, It is not against the law to send direct mail to residential address’s which have been fully opted in for direct marketing and given consent to our client to contact them relating to a product or service.

If you have any further questions on opting out of direct marketing please do not hesitate to contact us or Call Us Free On 01202 743 816


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