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It’s 2022 and over 11% of the UK population now have private medical insurance. This means that more than one in ten UK consumers have some form of private health care. This market is slowly growing. Get these high value consumers on the phone speaking with you with our PMI Hotkeys.

What are Health Insurance Hotkeys?

PMI Hotkeys are live transfer leads for Health Insurance. We generate Health Insurance Hotkeys by telephone survey by one of our lead generation experts. The agent matches the prospect against your chosen criteria and verifies purchase interest. Once they have, they place the prospect on hold and transfer them directly to you. Finally, you pick up the phone with a hot lead on the other end and make the sale.

Why get Health Insurance Hotkeys?

Lead generation is time consuming, and hugely cost ineffective if done incorrectly. If you don’t have the time or skillset for this, Health Insurance Hotkeys may be a better option for you.

All our Health Insurance data at Direct Data Squad is highly accurate and verified for opt-ins. However, PMI Hotkeys offer a level of verified purchase interest that can’t be matched by ordinary leads and data. This is because an experienced lead generation experts qualifies them and transfers them in real-time.

PMI Hotkeys

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