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In 2023, the number of UK consumers with private medical insurance (PMI) has surpassed 11%, indicating a growing market for private healthcare. To tap into this valuable consumer segment, we offer PMI Hotkeys, an effective lead generation solution that connects you directly with interested prospects over the phone.

What are Health Insurance Hotkeys?

PMI Hotkeys are live transfer leads specifically generated for Health Insurance. Our skilled lead generation experts conduct telephone surveys to identify prospects who match your specified criteria and demonstrate verified purchase interest. Once qualified, the expert places the prospect on hold and initiates a direct transfer to you. This means that when you answer the call, you are immediately connected with a hot lead ready to discuss Health Insurance options and potentially make a purchase.

The Benefits of PMI hotkeys

Managing lead generation can be time-consuming and costly if not executed properly. If you lack the necessary time or expertise, PMI Hotkeys provide a more efficient option for acquiring high-quality Health Insurance leads.

At Direct Data Squad, we ensure the accuracy and verification of all our Health Insurance data, but PMI Hotkeys offer an unparalleled level of verified purchase interest that goes beyond ordinary leads and data. This is because our experienced lead generation experts personally qualify each prospect and transfer them to you in real-time, ensuring a higher likelihood of conversion.

Why Choose PMI Hotkeys?

  • Verified purchase interest: PMI Hotkeys guarantee prospects who have expressed genuine interest in purchasing Health Insurance. This significantly increases your chances of closing deals and maximizing your return on investment.

  • Time and cost efficiency: By outsourcing your lead generation to PMI Hotkeys, you save valuable time and resources. Our experts handle the time-consuming process of qualifying leads, allowing you to focus on what you do best – selling.

  • Live transfer advantage: Directly connecting with prospects through live transfers enables immediate engagement and personalized interaction. This real-time connection enhances the customer experience and increases the likelihood of successful conversions.


To further optimize your PMI Hotkeys strategy, consider the following tactics:

  • Tailored criteria: Work closely with our account managers to refine your qualification criteria and ensure the leads you receive align with your target audience and objectives.

  • Personalized approach: Utilize the hot lead connection to build rapport and address the prospect’s specific needs. Customize your pitch to demonstrate how your Health Insurance offerings can meet their requirements.

  • Follow-up strategies: Implement effective follow-up procedures to nurture leads who may not convert immediately. Engage them through personalized communication channels such as email or direct mail to maintain their interest and reinforce your value proposition.
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