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Should I be outsourcing to a Lead Generation Company? 5 reasons why your boss will love it!

Should I be outsourcing to a Lead Generation Company? 5 reasons why your boss will love it!

Should I be outsourcing to a Lead Generation Company? 5 reasons why your boss will love it!

Is there any part of the customer sales journey that is more stressful than in-house lead generation? If there is, we’d love to know about it. In-house lead gen is all the stress of sales but without the reward of closing the deal.

It’s also likely that the in-house marketer is challenged with a tight marketing budget that doesn’t stretch to fulfil the volume of leads necessary.

Every day, we speak to marketers who do pretty much everything right but struggle to get the lead volume that their business needs.

Should you be outsourcing to a Lead Generation agency to get the desired lead volume?

What is a Lead Generation Company?

A lead generation company is a type of marketing agency that focuses on delivering new customers for a business. Typically, marketing agencies will specialise in one or a variety of marketing objectives, including:

  • Increase awareness.
  • Improve customer retention.
  • Change public perception.

Different types of agencies handle different types of campaigns. For instance, a PR agency may be well suited to changing a businesses public perception. Whereas an advertising agency may be better to increase awareness. However, if your objective is to generate qualified, engaged leads, a lead generation agency is what you’ll most likely need.

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Here’s 5 reasons why you should be considering it…

First of all, before we get started, outsourcing to a lead gen agency doesn’t mean that you need to stop all your in-house marketing. In fact, we normally recommend that you maintain some level of marketing activity. It always makes sound business sense to diversify your inbound marketing.

1.Optimise Your Campaign Budget

If you choose to partner with an experienced lead generation company, you’ll be able to take advantage of their vast campaign management experience.

Any lead generation company worth their salt will have campaign management learnings to fill a textbook. This means that learnings from some else’s campaign can be used to improve your campaign!

This means that your campaign budget can instantly be optimised by partnering with a lead gen company.

2.Take Advantage of Industry Experience

Most lead generators have experience finding customers in various industries; in fact, some agencies are even experts in particular industries. What this means is that, not only can you benefit from generic campaign experience, but you can also even benefit from learnings about what works for your competitors.

3.Faster route to results

Driving results can take a while. There’s no quick and easy way to turn on the leads tap overnight, remember, effective lead generation takes time to strategize.

The time it takes to devise the right strategy for your business will depend on how experienced the agency is with your product and industry.

Whilst this is frustrating, the time and expense it takes to hire the same amount of experience and skill must be factored in.

It’s much faster to outsource to an agency and have them organise your leads’ sales journey.

However, if you are going to go down the specialist in-house route. These are the roles we’d expect to see.

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Paid Search Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Manager

It’s possible to outsource a few of these roles instead of outsourcing the entire lead generation process. For instance, design agencies, like, allow you to outsource all your graphic design needs.

4.Outsource the burden of responsibility.

If you’re currently struggling with the stress of lead generation, outsourcing makes perfect sense. There are more heads and more manpower to get the job done.

Often, the dysfunctional lead generation happens when a marketing team is overworked and doesn’t have sufficient time to test, implement and deliver.

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5.Low-risk Growth

Growing any business is risky; onboarding more staff means more monthly wages to be responsible for. If the business has a bad month or revenue growth is slower than expected, you can quickly end up chasing ways to subsidise your losses.

With a lead generation agency, you’re able to outsource all the risk and drama of teambuilding. Then you can utilise the experience of a successful marketing team for a small fee every month.

So, what do you need to do?

Yes, we have an extremely talented team, but we can’t do everything. These are the best reasons to outsource lead generation to an agency. We think that any business-focused director would love to hear these.

How do you present it? Well, that’s up to you. You know your boss better than we do and the important thing to remember about marketing is to consider your audience.

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