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What are Solar panel Leads?
Solar installation leads are qualified leads of UK consumers who are looking to buy solar panels.We generate these through digital advertising activities and deliver them in real-time to you. That way, you only ever speak to interested, qualified consumers who are ready to buy. Due to this, conversions are much higher than with telemarketing leads.

What can I do with them?

Well, you can contact these leads whichever way you like. However, we recommend calling them within an hour of delivery. That’s because the sooner you contact them, warmer they’ll be. Generally, after enquiring, consumers lose interest over time and get busy. Our clients that contact almost immediately see the greatest conversions.

In addition to this, whilst we obtain email address, we recommend calling. Emails can get lost or easily ignored if a consumer is busy. Whereas a phone call, when a prospect is expecting one, allows you to build a relationship and deliver the benefits straight away.

Why Solar Panels?

According to government data, just under 1 million UK homes had solar panels installed in February 2019. Now that the cost of solar panels is lower than ever before, and the raise in the cost of living, more UK consumers are turning to solar panels every day.

Solar Panel Installation is a growth market that looks set to boom over the next few years. That’s why, we recommend Solar Panel installers to optimise their time efficiently and only speak to qualified, ready-to-buy customers.

Why Digital Marketing Web Leads?

Whilst direct marketing using consumer data is a very effective marketing strategy for plenty of industries, it’s proved to be less effective for solar installation. Therefore, we’ve developed a full scale digital marketing strategy to generate solar panel leads online.

One of the greatest advantages of this is that the prospect customer is never cold-called at any point. Instead, they’re happily going about their day and an advert spikes their interest and starts the customer buying journey. As a result, customer-experience tends to be much better and conversions are higher.

How do we Supply the Best Solar Leads?

1. Exclusive Solar Leads

Have you already sourced solar leads and every time you called the prospect they’ve already been hammered by your competitors? A few installers have come to us with exactly this problem.

Great news! At Direct Data Squad, we only supply exclusive solar leads. Which means that when you receive a lead, it’s only for you!

If you’re looking to buy solar leads of high interest customers, then this is the product for you.

2. Nationwide or Local

If you’re a solar panel installer in Penzance, we understand that leads in Newcastle aren’t much good to you.

So, to avoid receiving leads that are no use to you, one of our marketing experts will ask you about your coverage. Generally, we do this by postcodes.

In order to maximise your return-on-investment think about your coverage and how far it’s feasible to travel to to install a solar panel.

3. Affordable

At Direct Data Squad, whatever is good for your business is good for our business. That’s why we make sure that our leads are affordable. That way, you maximise your ROI and we keep our partnership together.

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