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What are Solar Leads & Are They Worth It?

What are Solar Leads & Are They Worth It?

Energy prices are soaring. In April 2022, the energy cap rose by almost £700, and by October it’ll rise to £3,500 – a rise of almost 80%.

Households up and down the country are struggling and they’re looking for alternative solutions to carbon-based fuels.

More people than ever are keen to make the switch to renewable energy, but very few people can install a wind turbine in their garden. That’s why solar panels are in such high demand.

So, more people want them than ever, and you want to be the person they call, right?

Of course you do. Well, Solar Installation Leads can make that happen!

What are Solar Leads?

Solar Leads are marketing leads of UK consumers who are interested in buying Solar Panels.

These consumers engage with digital adverts online and submit their details for a quote on one of our landing pages. These ads may be search adverts, social media ads, or display ads.

Once we receive a lead, it’s delivered directly to a client. That way, you can be sure that you’re always contacting recently engaged prospects.

Why get Solar Web Leads?

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Often, digital leads are seen as more favourable than telemarketing leads. That’s because a consumer hasn’t been ‘cold-called’ and interrupted during their day. Due to this, prospects are more receptive when the installer calls for quotation.

In addition to this benefit, a lot of the UK public are still unaware of the benefit that solar panels can offer.

So, whilst your website may have a great SEO presence or you spend a fortune on Google Ads every month, it won’t matter. If consumers aren’t aware of the benefits, they won’t be searching for it. Therefore, the only way to engage these consumers is by awakening that ‘need-recognition’ with advertising. Without this, you’ll be missing out on thousands of potential customers who haven’t considered solar panels.

So, are the Worth It?

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Absolutely. Ultimately, what we care about is return-on-investment (ROI). And how we ensure that you’re ROI is looked after, is buying supplying high-converting leads at a very affordable rate. It’s a win-win, if you’re ROI is going up, we win together – you’re happy and we’re happy.

Our solar installer clients see an astounding ROI. Due to the high engagement rate of the prospect, conversions are much higher than with typical leads.

In addition to this, the money to be made on one client is often large. Therefore, our clients don’t need many sales to make a mouth-watering profit from these affordable leads.

Sound like solar leads are for you? Great, chat to a member of the team today and find out how we can help you.