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What to Know About Life Insurance Web Leads

What to Know About Life Insurance Web Leads

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What are Web Leads?

Life Insurance Web leads are any form of prospective lead generated via digital marketing channels. They can be for any industry; however, life insurance is one of the most popular. For instance, a web lead can be generated via social media, a website, or even email marketing.

Due to the rise in digital marketing over the past decade, web leads are becoming more ubiquitous and reliable. There are plenty of tried and tested methods now for generating web leads. No longer does one need to venture out into the wilderness alone.

Why Choose Life Insurance Web Leads?

Unlike other forms of lead generation, web leads are inbound marketing. Telemarketing, TV advertising, and Email marketing are all forms of outbound marketing. What’s meant by this is that the business targets a consumer and interrupts their day with a marketing message. However, with inbound marketing, the prospect finds the business by actively searching online. The prospect then engages with content and warms themselves to the business before contacting.

This means that when the prospect does contact and becomes a web lead, they’re interested and qualified.

What are Popular Digital Lead Generation Channels?

Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing to nurture and generate leads is a very effective tool. That’s because posting on social media is free to do. However, creating engaging content my require some financial investment.  Further to this, if you understand your target customer and demographic, you can target them on their preferred social media channel.

Use their preferred social media channel to target your prospects with relevant and engaging content.

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Social Media PPC

Generally speaking, Social Media PPC ads cost slightly less than Google PPC, but not much less. Instead the benefits are twofold. Firstly, you can target highly segmented customers with native ads. This means that you can jog need recognition on social media. Whereas, advertising on search pages means that you’re waiting for prospects that have already identified a need.

Email Marketing

Email marketing requires expertise. If you have decided that this is the option for you, proceed with caution. It’s absolutely essential that you find a trustworthy and experienced email marketing agency. Due to GDPR regulations, the laws around emailing consumers are strict. So, in order to contact them, you’ll need an agency to host a managed broadcast for you, and email prospects on your behalf. However, if you strike lighting in a bottle, you may find that the ROI is huge.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) combines both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid digital advertising (PPC). The two combine well for a complete SEM strategy. In the digital age, consumers expect to find plenty of information online about businesses and products prior to contacting anyone. Therefore, it’s almost essential that your search visibility is high since this is where prospects are expecting to find you.

In addition to this, unlike social media, prospects searching for your products have already identified their problem. As a result, their more engaged, active, and move through a marketing funnel faster.

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Ultimately, life insurance web leads are a great option if you’re after qualified, real-time leads. Due to the qualified nature of web leads, we see web leads convert at rates above 30%.

However, all these benefits come at a premium. With this type of lead, you’re outsourcing all of your lead generation expenses. Therefore, the price you pay for the lead is higher.