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Why Direct Marketing? – The 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Doing It


Why Direct Marketing? – The 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Doing It

Every business wants more customers, and to acquire them cheaper than they do currently. Solving this dilemma seems like an impossible to task; if you could, it would be too good to be true.

But it’s not.

Direct Marketing might have the answers that you’ve been looking for. How? Well, grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair, we’re about to tell you.

Here are the greatest advantages of Direct Marketing:


This is possibly one of the best of the best. This is easier if you’re selling to existing clients. That’s because you can collect data on purchase history like average basket size and favourite products.

If you’re targeting new customers, this sort of information will be unavailable to you; however, if you source high quality marketing data, you should be able to create very specific messaging.

The advantage of this is that consumers are much more engaged with personalised marketing messages, and some consumers even expect it. Therefore, you can create engaging, high converting campaigns for direct mail marketing and email marketing.

In addition to this, direct marketing allows you to build relationships. That’s because telemarketing allows you to speak directly to customers and communicate, human to human.

This is one of the faucets of telemarketing that makes it very appealing. That’s because consumers still prefer to communicate by phone. Marketing this way allows relationship development and a personalized service which ultimately, provides a superior customers experience.

Direct to Consumer

Whether your median is email, postal, telemarketing, or direct sales, direct marketing allows your business to bypass the messy, traditional media vehicles and speak directly to your target customers.

Why is this important?

Some studies suggest that consumers in 2022 see between 6,000 and 10,000 marketing messages every day. That’s up from around 1,000 in the 70s.

Due to this, it’s far too easy to slip into the crowd of everyday marketing noise. The fight to get your brand seen, heard, and taken seriously is getting harder and harder every year.

These are frightening prospects when the price of digital marketing or TV advertising is considered. According to a US report, the average digital marketing agency charges around $6,000 for a Social Media campaign and $9,000 for a PPC campaign. That’s still palatable compared to a £4,000 TV ad slot on Good Morning Britain or Lorraine.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could just pick up the phone and pitch directly to prospective customers? Oh wait, you can.


You may have only just digested the figures about digital and TV advertising. So that’s why the thought of how affordable direct marketing is is a refreshing one.

Due to costs being so low, it’s possible to generate a mouth-watering ROI. Often our clients see a poor sales month still generate over 125% ROI. Compare that to TV ads at 79%.

Another benefit of costs being low is that it’s far easier to shift and diversify marketing strategy. If you’ve forked out £100,000 you may not be trying anything else anytime soon. However, if you’re spending only a few thousand on a telemarketing campaign, you may reinvest some of your profits in an email campaign. This reduces the dependency on any one marketing channel.


A lot of marketing is unmeasurable. Will CEAT tyres every know how many tyres they sell from sponsoring Rohit Sharma’s bat? No of course not. They’d have to ask everyone that bought a CEAT tyre, and many people may not even know that came into their decision making process.

However, direct marketing allows absolute answers to these marketing questions. With tracking software, or codes and vouchers, it’s possible to find exactly where every sale comes from.

Therefore, you can make better marketing decisions every day.

Deliver the right information

Often, we have clients who turn to direct marketing because they can’t express the benefits or the complicated nature of their product through traditional advertising channels. Instead, they can communicate the benefits directly and overturn any objections that customers may have.

This is one of the greatest advantages and one of the reasons that we believe that every business should engage in some form of direct marketing.

Still not sure how direct marketing could benefit your business?

Chat with one of our experienced account managers and ask them anything on your mind.