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direct data squadAccording to our growing customer base, Direct Data Squad are the best data and leads supplier in the UK. We make certain that our clients make huge returns on their investment by supplying high quality, accurate and reliable leads and data alongside great customer service and expert advice.

direct data squadDirect Data Squad specialise in sourcing the highest quality leads in the UK. Our lead generation practices set us apart from the rest of the data provider market. No other data broker can offer high quality, freshly generated leads for such an affordable price.

direct data squadSince 2018 and the introduction of GDPR regulations, it’s illegal to send marketing material to email addresses that haven’t opted-in to hear from you directly; therefore, it’s impossible to buy an opted-in email mailing list, no matter what anybody tells you.

Due to this, email marketing can be very risky business and its best practice to only source email addresses from marketing experts or let these specialists manage the campaign for you.

direct data squadThe best way to generate life insurance leads are by the following marketing activities:
1. Email Marketing
2. Postal Marketing
3. Telemarketing surveys
4. Outsource to Direct Data Squad.
Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that there’s activities will generate leads for your business. However, the most reliable and risk-free way to acquire life insurance leads is to source them from a specialist supplier, like Direct Data Squad.

direct data squadIf you are looking to source fresh leads, you want the information in your hands as quickly as possible. When Direct Data Squad generate fresh data, we ensure that it’s in your hands within 24 hours. That way the leads stay really accurate and reliable, meaning that they’re red hot.

direct data squadDirect Data Squad are a high-quality lead generation service provider based in the UK. Partnering with a reliable lead generation service provider that delivers accurate data is imperative for any UK business. Team up with Direct Data Squad to enhance your marketing campaign.

direct data squad1. Improve your presentation skills. Find common ground and create authentic communications before launching into a full presentation.
2. Identify the customer’s need and tailor the pitch accordingly. Your pitch to a customer who is looking for insurance to cover a mortgage and a pitch to a customer looking to leave something for dependents should be different.
3. Improve your brand image. Build your brand image around providing a high-quality and reliable service. Encourage more reviews and use social media to improve engagement with customers and prospects.

direct data squadAll leads are generated through telephone survey by a high qualified lead generation agent. The agent will ask a variety of questions depending on the criteria that you are looking for which results in different levels of qualified leads. At the end of the phone call, every prospect is asked whether they are happy to opt-in to hear from a third party business.

direct data squadThere are two types of data for Life Insurance. Both types are charged per record. Exclusive, freshly generated life insurance leads are more expensive and cost between 50p to £3.50, depending on the criteria. Life Insurance Data ranges from 5p to 20p per record.

direct data squadWeb leads are one of the hottest forms of UK data at the moment since they boast conversion rates of above 25%. This means that you can expect to convert one in every four leads. This type of success comes with immense demand and a high price. If you’re looking for web leads, Direct Data Squad have years of experience offering high quality web leads for a competitive price for UK companies.

direct data squadTo generate energy switching customers without a professional team of lead generation experts, you’re going to have to save up a lot of money for an advertising campaign instead. The rewards can be sweet; however, it’s noteworthy that we see a lot of clients who come to us after exhausting an ad budget to little effect. The best and most reliable way to generate energy switching leads is to outsource the lead generation to Direct Data Squad. Source premium data for an affordable price and cut out the risk of lead generation.

direct data squadBy the very nature of what they are, web leads are tough to generate. Quite quickly they can become too expensive to produce which makes them not cost-effective for marketing campaigns. The best channels are Social Media Advertising and PPC Ads; however, experience and deep pockets are necessary for success. Therefore, if you don’t want the risk, buy Web Leads from Direct Data Squad.

direct data squadDirect Data Squad are specialists in simplifying selling life insurance. We’ve been boosting Life Insurance brokerages revenues for over a decade by connecting them with the right customers. Tell us your budget, the size of your team, and how experienced you are, and we’ll find the right marketing strategy with accurate consumer data to help you achieve it.

direct data squadAmong this prestigious list of data suppliers are B2C Data Provider, Consumer Data Supply, and The Data Warehouse. Within the data supply industry, these businesses are routinely seen as the most reliable and supply high performing and accurate data.

direct data squadWe understand that you would like to work with a UK-based data broker service for the reliability and integrity that comes with British firms. Unfortunately, offshore data firms have developed a terrible reputation.

direct data squadIf you’re considering cutting out the advertising middleman with direct marketing and are looking to get in front of the right customers, you should be looking at B2C data lists. B2C data lists can be profiled by various segmentation metrics to create an accurate list of potential customers.

direct data squadAt Direct Data Squad, you will never need to sign up to a long-term contract. Whether you are purchasing data for an entire telemarketing team or you’re looking at a minimum order, you can purchase data if and when you need it. Simply give one of our experts a call and we’ll put the wheels in motion for you.

direct data squad1. Call immediately. The quicker you contact leads, the higher the conversion rate will be.
2. Practice your sales technique and improve your relationship building skills.
3. Purchase accurate and reliable leads from a reputable data company like Direct Data Squad.

direct data squad1. Direct Data Squad
2. The Data Warehouse
3. Consumer Data Supply
Direct Data Squad, The Data Warehouse, and Consumer Data Supply are the top performing data suppliers in the UK. Any of these businesses are renowned for their award-winning customer service, high-quality product and punctual delivery.

direct data squadCollecting data is a complex task and covered in tonnes of red tape; so be careful and read up-to-date legislation on data collection and GDPR laws.
1. Telemarketing Survey
2. Competition sites
3. Newsletter sign-ups

direct data squadA consumer lead is a form of contact with a prospective customer for a Business-2-Consumer company. Often, a lead has shown an interest in a company’s product or service by filling out a contact form, phoning directly, or sending an email.
Fortunately, rather than having to go through the tiresome and labour intensive process of generating and nurturing your own pre-qualified leads, you can source them directly from the Direct Data Squad.

direct data squadWhen marketing specialists refer to compliant data, they’re referring to data that adheres to GDPR and PECR regulations which requires data to be collected alongside a clear opt-in.
A compliant data source is a touchpoint where a consumer exchanges their contact information and verifies their consent for their data to be collected. Any reliable and compliant data provider will be able to provide proof of the consumer’s opt-in.

direct data squadGet up to millions of telephone numbers from the Direct Data Squad’s extensive business and consumer database. If you’re looking to reach new customers with a telemarketing campaign, make sure that you’re dialling the right customers with accurate and reliable information from Direct Data Squad.

direct data squadDirect Data Squad are the largest data suppliers in the UK. With fantastic customer service, data products that generate ROIs of over 500%, and an ever growing client base, Direct Data Squad are by far the best and biggest data supplier in the UK.

direct data squadDirect Data Squad have over 15 million consumer and business live telephone numbers for direct marketing campaigns. Regardless of your industry, we’re able to segment this extensive database in order to connect you with your ideal customer.

direct data squadDirect Data Squad are a market leading data brokerage and one of the most highly regarded data suppliers in the UK. For over 10 years, Direct Data Squad have been boosting sales revenues for businesses around the globe by connecting them with their ideal customers.

direct data squadNo UK Data Broker can compete with Direct Data Squad’s volume of data. With over 3 million email addresses, 10 million telephone numbers, and 8 million postal address, we boast one of the largest consumer data records in the UK. If you’re looking to reach new customers, they’re in our data records. Let us help you find them.

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