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What is Consumer Data?

Consumer data are information records of UK consumers used for marketing purposes. These marketing records can include geographic, demographic, behavioural, and psychographic information. Since they are marketing records, they always come with contact information, whether that be telephone, email, or postal address.

What are Consumer Data Lists?

Consumer data lists are marketing lists compiled of multiple UK customer data records. These are also known as B2C Data Lists.

Once a business has decided to market directly to prospective customers, they require consumer contact information. They also need to be sure that the consumers are in fact their target customers.

To ensure that a business is always targeting its desired customers, we use multiple segmentation techniques to create highly targeted customer data lists.

Due to this, we’ve proved a reliable UK consumer data list provider for hundreds of businesses in the UK.

What are some of the Most Common Profiling Variables?


  • Postcode
  • County
  • Country


  • Homeowner status
  • Household or personal income
  • Relationship status
  • Number of children
  • Job title and industry
  • Number of vehicles

Household Specific:

  • Boiler or Washing Machine age and manufacturer
  • Solar Panels
  • Pets
  • Energy provider
  • Insurance information
Consumer Data

How Can I Use Consumer Data?

These data records are very flexible and can used in a variety of ways. Due to this, it’s a worthwhile investment for almost any business in the UK.

Telemarketing – Source consumer data lists with telephone numbers included and use these records for a targeted telemarketing campaign.

Email Marketing– Often, these data records come with email addresses. Email marketing with B2C Email Lists can produce a staggering ROI, in some cases over 4,400%!

Postal Campaign – Direct mail marketing has proved successful for a number of businesses that we’ve worked with. In addition to this, it’s great for local businesses and tradespeople.

Why Direct Data Squad?

At Direct Data Squad, we supply accurate and reliable data lists for a variety of industries.

We’ve helped achieve results for companies in home improvements, insurance, telecoms, energy, car financing, car manufacturing and commercial airlines, to name a few. Don’t worry if your industry isn’t listed, we help new businesses in new industries every day!

We vet every single data record so that we can ensure 100% accuracy and compliance.

So, whether you want to communicate with new customers by phone, email, or post, let’s chat and see how we can help you.

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