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Life Insurance Hotkeys

Sell Life Insurance and want to maximise your changes of conversions every time that you pick up the phone? Life Insurance Hotkeys are the answer.

We’re the only Life Insurance Hotkey provider in the UK offering a quote guarantee! That means if you can’t quote the consumer, we’ll replace it with another hotkey. We only bill for hotkeys that you can quote.

Due the very nature of how warm these leads are, our clients see conversions of over 20%.

Not only do our clients see target-exploding results, one of the best indirect benefits is more time. Sourcing Hotkeys reduces the amount of time your team need to spend lead generating, which means your teams productivity increases almost exponentially.

Life Insurance Hotkeys Benefits:

  • 30%+ Conversion Rate
  • 100% Quote Guarantee
  • Over 500% ROI
  • Save Time & Money By Reducing Lead Generation Time

Why Choose Life Insurance Hotkeys

Buying Life Insurance Hotkeys ensures that you only speak to prospects who are qualified, interested, and purchase ready.

Hotkeys allow you to specify the exact customer profile of your desired buyer. For instance, if you’re after 40-60 year olds with a Scottish Widows policy over £10 a month. We take that information, find prospective clients and deliver them directly to you.

How Are Life Insurance Hotkeys Generated?

We source Life Insurance Hotkeys from our network of professional and experienced call centres. In each centre, highly skilled lead generation agents perform telephone surveys to generate highly qualified leads.

Prior to the start of your campaign, we’ll agree upon a desirable criteria for your prospects. Following that, the call centre agents will use your criteria to match with prospects. When they get a match, the lead is transferred directly to you via API integration. The lead generation agent will complete a handover process to your advisor thus allowing them to complete the sale.

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