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B2B Mobile Renewal Data
At Direct Data Squad, our experienced data-driven marketers specialise in supplying high quality B2B mobile renewal data. We work with companies of all sizes, up and down the UK, delivering results.When it comes to finding B2B customers, we are the UK experts. So, no matter how niche your target market, we’ll connect you with qualified, prospective clients.Working with us is hassle-free. Simply chat with one of our advisors, tell them about your project; choose a data product, and start calling prospective clients the next day!

Fresh, Accurate Data for B2B Renewals

  • Mobile Renewals
  • Fixed Line Renewals
  • B2B Hotkeys
  • Pre-Booked Renewals Appointments

What’s Included?

  • Number of Lines
  • Contract End Date
  • Current Contract Rate

B2B Mobile Renewals are Flexible

Use our high quality B2B data for different marketing campaigns:
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Postal Marketing

How are B2B Mobile Renewals Generated?

All of our B2B Mobile Renewal data is 100% GDPR & PECR compliant, and always will be. Direct Data Squad have a network of experienced call centres around the globe. Across the call centres, only the very best lead generation experts work to generate our accurate, high quality B2B Renewal data.

The agents call and chat with UK business decision makers. During the call, the agent qualifies and ask them about their needs and requirements. The record is then added to a premium B2B data list. When the business data lists are analysed by our data-driven marketing team, they verify the data for quality and accuracy. This ensures that when you receive our B2B mobile renewal data, you can be sure that it’s accurate and reliable.

Why Buy B2B Mobile Renewals?

  • High Flexibility – use for various campaigns
  • Fast Delivery – same or next day delivery
  • Highly Accurate – Over 85% accuracy
  • Access a Data Marketing Expert – Ask them anything

B2B Mobile Renewals with Direct Data Squad

We’ve been helping B2B telecom businesses reach their targets for over a decade. In this time, we’ve learnt a thing or two about this industry. We’re always happy to share our learnings with existing, or potential clients. In our experience, this knowledge helps us better optimize our clients campaigns. In addition to this, we’ve come to understand that business is rarely smooth. To provide a better customer experience, we’ve adopted a very flexible approach to business data supply. So, whether you’re looking for a continuous and steady stream of leads; or, you’re looking for an ad hoc business data provider, we can help.

Looking to Outsource Lead Generation?

B2B Mobile Renewals Hotkeys

Do you like the idea of relaxing at your desk, waiting for a toastie lead to get in touch with you? We know, but it’s not too good to be true. If this sounds like the type of office culture you want to import, then consider outsourcing lead generation and buy B2B Hotkeys.

With this type of data, lead generation is outsourced to one of our call centre experts. Before any lead gen takes place, your account manager will agree a profile criteria with you. After that’s confirmed, our experienced agents call potential-leads and qualify them against your criteria. Once they find a match, they’ll transfer the prospect directly to your phone. Simple. This means that all you have to do, is be there to make the sale when they answer the phone.

Learn more about B2B Hotkeys.

Pre-Booked B2B Mobile Renewals Appointments

Alternatively, another option for outsourcing lead generation is with pre-booked appointments. These are generated using exactly the same method as the hotkeys; however, instead of transferring the prospect, a call back is organised. This allows you to work your schedule around these calls, meaning that you can be more organised and can brainstorm with the prospects information prior to calling. Buy B2B Mobile Renewal Appointments and boost sales and productivity with this high performing business data product.

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