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B2B Mobile Renewal Data - Find Business Clients At The End of Their Mobile Contracts

Unlock the potential of B2B mobile renewal data with Direct Data Squad, where our team of experienced data-driven marketers specializes in delivering high-quality results. We cater to companies of all sizes throughout the UK, ensuring that your marketing efforts yield maximum impact.

As the leading experts in finding B2B customers, we have the expertise and resources to connect you with qualified prospects who are needing to renew their business mobile contract data, regardless of how niche your target market may be. Partnering with us is a hassle-free experience – simply engage with one of our advisors, provide details about your project, choose a suitable data product, and start reaching out to prospective clients the very next day.

B2B Mobile Renewal Data

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Fresh & Accurate Data For B2B Renewals

We offer a comprehensive range of fresh & accurate B2B mobile renewal data solutions, which include:

  • Mobile Renewals: Target businesses that are approaching the end of their mobile contracts.

  • Fixed Line Renewals: Focus on businesses with upcoming contract renewals for their fixed line services.

  • B2B Hotkeys: Outsource lead generation by receiving qualified prospects directly through phone transfers.

  • Pre-Booked Renewal Appointments: Schedule calls with prospects to streamline your workflow and maximize productivity.

Flexible Data For Flexible Renewals

Our high-quality B2B data for mobile renewals can be effectively utilized across various marketing campaigns, including:

  • Telemarketing: Engage directly with decision makers through targeted phone calls.

  • Email Marketing: Craft personalized and compelling email campaigns tailored to specific businesses.

  • Postal Marketing: Capitalize on the tangible nature of direct mail to grab attention and drive conversions.

When buying data from us, you can expect to receive a specific set of information based on you rrequirements. Typically, our B2B mobile contract data covers essential information to enhance your targeting efforts, including:

  • Number of Lines: Determine the scale of the business’s mobile services.

  • Contract End Date: Identify businesses with imminent contract renewals.

  • Current Contract Rate: Understand the existing pricing structure for potential negotiation opportunities.

Fully compliant data generation

Rest assured that all our B2B mobile renewal data is fully compliant with GDPR and PECR regulations. Our vast network of experienced call centers collaborates to generate accurate and high-quality B2B renewal data. During these calls, our agents engage with UK business decision makers, qualifying their needs and requirements. The resulting records are meticulously added to our premium B2B data lists. Our data-driven marketing team then verifies the data for quality and accuracy, ensuring that when you receive our B2B mobile renewal data, it is reliable and precise.

  • High Flexibility – use for various campaigns
  • Fast Delivery – same or next day delivery
  • Highly Accurate – Over 85% accuracy
  • Access a Data Marketing Expert – Ask them anything

Looking To Outsource Your Lead Generation?

For those seeking to streamline their lead generation efforts, we offer two options:

  • B2B Mobile Renewals Hotkeys:
    Enjoy the convenience of receiving qualified leads directly through phone transfers. Our call center experts conduct lead generation on your behalf, following predefined profile criteria agreed upon with your account manager. Once a match is found, the prospect is transferred to your phone, enabling you to capitalize on immediate sales opportunities.

  • Pre-Booked B2B Mobile Renewals Appointments:
    Optimize your schedule and productivity with pre-booked appointments generated using the same method as hotkeys. Instead of immediate transfers, a call-back is organized, allowing you to prepare and strategize before engaging with the prospect. This structured approach ensures that you can make the most of each interaction and boost sales efficiency.

Invest in our B2B mobile renewal data and witness the power of targeted marketing. Our data-driven solutions, reliable delivery, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart as the trusted partner for your B2B marketing needs. Contact us today to explore how our data can drive your business growth and help you achieve your sales targets.

frequently asked questions

If you’re customers are businesses, B2B data can definitely aid your company’s marketing. Often we see B2B businesses struggle to get in front of their target customers, but with accurate and reliable B2B data lists and email addresses, that’s not a problem anymore. Whether you use data to improve decision making and strategic thinking, or you use it for direct and digital marketing, our data is proven to boost ROI.

Direct marketing has proven to be an immensely powerful tool for businesses seeking to establish direct communication channels with their target audience. By bypassing intermediaries like advertising agencies, this form of marketing allows companies to have a more direct and personalized interaction with potential customers. However, the effectiveness of a direct marketing campaign hinges on several crucial factors. These include the ability to craft an engaging pitch that resonates with the target audience, a motivated and skilled sales team, and perhaps most importantly, access to accurate and up-to-date marketing data.

We use two methods of lead generation for B2B data; telephone survey and digital lead generation. Depending on the data product you’re interested in, the lead generation method may vary.

All our B2B Data lists are fully compliant with GDPR.
Our business data lists are verified through various contact centres to confirm the information we have on file is still correct and matches the online business directories.
As business data is collected through public information you do not compliantly need any legal basis to process this data.

We segment by various metrics, such as behavioural, psychographic, demographic and geographic metrics. This means that whether you want to target consumers by income, job title, location, age, or buying habits, we can help with that.

Every day, UK businesses up and down the country buy marketing data from us and use it to boost their campaigns. B2B data can allow you to discover a market that you haven’t tapped into yet, or find business clients that your own marketing strategy may have missed.

We’re one of the leading telemarketing data providers in the UK. If you’re looking to contact your prospects by phone, then trust in our reliable telemarketing data and leads for your campaign.

Why Direct Data Squad?

Over 15,000 Fresh Leads Everyday!
10 Million+ Consumer Records & 3 Million+ Business Records
100% GDPR Compliant
Average of 500% ROI+
15 Years Experience
Client-Focused. We succeed when you succeed
Lead Generation for Multiple Industries
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Our Promise

We are fully compliant with the UK Data Protection Laws and proud to say we are 100% GDPR Compliant

Route of opt ins are ALWAYS available to prove where we obtained any consumer information & consent to be contacted under direct marketing purposes, Proof of consent is ALWAYS available

We are registered with the ICO under ZA547375


At Direct Data Squad we analyse our data in great depth to allow us to pin point your potential prospects

This allows us to profile our data extensively for which ever product are you selling


We value your business therefore we would align you with your own personal account manager which will be fully trained to advise you professionally and get to know you and your business.