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Opting-Out of Direct Marketing Compliance
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DIRECT DATA SQUAD prides itself on only sourcing & generating data which has been legally generated through clear routes of opt-in.
All data which we provide adheres to the requirements of UK legislation relating to data collection, distribution, maintenance and the new GDPR Legislation Set on 25.05.18.
We process data on legitimate interest or direct consent depending on the opt in.
Completing the form, will ensure your details are opted out from our database and all our partners, we cannot remove you from everyone’s database – see below on how to do this.

How do I opt out internationally?

If you wish to no longer receive marketing calls from companies you have not specifically asked to do so, you can now register your telephone number on the Telephone Preference Service COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, the registration takes no longer than 2 Minutes and after 30 days no company can legally cold call you marketing their services – WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS IF YOU WISH TO NO LONGER RECEIVE COLD CALLS – Click Here to register your number on the TPS free of charge.

What information do you hold of mine and how do I get a copy?

You have a right to know which information we hold of yours, how we obtained it and the opt ins for this.
You can request this via a Subject access request, which is free of charge. In order to complete a SAR, click here to download the document.
Please note: We will need to do a identity and proof of address check for data protection reasons before sharing any personal information with you.

Any questions? Feel free to email us at or give us a call at 01202 743 816.