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What is B2C Data?

B2C data is contact information of UK consumers for direct marketing. Marketing data records can include full name, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses. It can also include psychographic and behavioural criteria.

How effective is direct marketing?

Direct marketing can be hugely effective. That’s because this form of marketing cuts out expensive ‘middle men’, like advertising agencies.

However, for an effective campaign, a few conditions must be met. For instance, an engaging pitch, a motivated sales team, and most importantly, accurate marketing data.

Can I buy a B2C database?

Absolutely. We already have B2C databases for specific industries, ready to go. We collect an abundance of information which means we can create marketing databases for a variety of industries. A few examples of these databases include home improvements, car ownership, insurance, and even frequent flyers.

Otherwise, you can start your own.

If you don’t like the sound of existing databases, you can start your own. Start a solo campaign and get data that is only for you!

B2C Data Lists

What is a B2C Data Provider UK?

A B2C Data Provider is a type of UK-based direct marketing agency. Every day, these companies run lead generation campaigns and generate hundreds of records.

These providers supply marketing data to UK companies for consumer marketing campaigns. These campaigns can include telemarketing, direct mail, or email marketing.

frequently asked questions

We generate everything through a variety of methods. Everything is sourced from our network of professional call centres where specialist lead generation agents complete telephone surveys. Alternatively, Direct Data Squad leads are generated by lead generation websites that optimize digital marketing strategies, like newboilerquotes.com and solarsaveuk.co.uk.

Certainly! After 6 months, we'll happily TPS check your data lists for you. We'll even TPS data that you didn't buy from us for you. It's essential that you TPS check your data in order to be 100% GDPR compliant.

We segment by various metrics, such as behavioural, psychographic, demographic and geographic metrics. This means that whether you want to target consumers by income, job title, location, age, or buying habits, we can help with that.

Every day, UK businesses up and down the country buy marketing data from us and use it to boost their campaigns.

We're one of the leading telemarketing data providers in the UK. If you're looking to contact your prospects by phone, then trust in our reliable telemarketing data and leads for your campaign.

How To Use Marketing Data

Need some inspiration? Here's an outline of 3 hugely successful campaigns that we've run with 3 of our partners.

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