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B2C Data Lists for Marketing

Reliable & Targeted Marketing Data Lists

What is B2C Data?

B2C data is prospect information on UK consumers for marketing campaigns.  For more targeted B2C data, more information can be included.

One of the great benefits of B2C data is how universal it is. Due to the depth of the information that we gather, we offer marketing data for hundreds of industries. Every day, new companies buy marketing data from us for new industries.

In addition to this, B2C data is also incredibly versatile. Gone are the days of marketing data being just contact information. We supply targeted marketing data that gets you in front of your target customers.

For instance, if your campaign requires a consumer’s demographic, psychographic, behavioural, or geographic information, this can be included.

A B2C database is when thousands of individual B2C data records are compiled together. Often, businesses come to us with the intention of buying an existing B2C database; however, other options are available too.

What’s Included in our B2C Database?

Our B2C databases total over 10 million telephone numbers; including:

  • Landline numbers
  • Mobiles numbers
  • 3 million email addresses
  • 9.5 million postal addresses

As well as contact information, the below are examples of additional segmentation criteria:

  • Homeowner status
  • Household income
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Purchase frequency
  • Insurance or Utilities provider
  • Boiler age and brand

Can’t see the variables that you were looking for? No problem, we cover hundreds. These are just the most popular ones.

B2C Data Lists

What is a B2C Data Provider UK?

A B2C Data Provider is a type of UK-based direct marketing agency. Every day, these companies run lead generation campaigns and generate hundreds of B2C data records.

A B2C Data Provider supplies marketing data to UK companies for consumer marketing campaigns. These campaigns can include telemarketing, direct mail, or email marketing.

Why use a B2C Data Provider?

If you are marketing to consumers, it’s essential to use a reliable B2C data provider.

First of all, inaccurate marketing data costs a lot of time and money. That’s why it’s vital that you find a trustworthy data provider so that you only get data that works for you.

In addition to this, working with a B2C data provider can offer industry specific insight.

At Direct Data Squad, we work with companies across a tonne of different industries. Due to this, we’ve compiled a wealth of experience. Every day, we boost our clients’ campaigns with our lead generation experience.

Why buy B2C Data?

Without question, the best way to get in front of UK consumers is by direct marketing.

To market directly to prospects, you will need to buy B2C data.

If you’re unsure how to do this or what you should be looking for, don’t worry! Our friendly account managers are on hand to help you out.

What can I use Marketing Data for?

B2C marketing data can be used for any direct marketing campaign. We have clients up and down the country, of all shapes and sizes, that use marketing data for different campaigns.

Our reliable and targeted data lists can be used for telemarketing, email marketing, direct mail, or data analytics for digital marketing campaigns.

Want to know who else has had success with this? Check out our video below!

B2C Marketing Data Products

So, you’re ready or looking to buy marketing data lists, what sort of product should you be looking at? Well, lots of factors are taken into account when we recommend a marketing product to our clients. Nonetheless, we’ve outlined some of our most popular products below so that you can get an understanding of what marketing data products we offer.

Exclusive, First Use Data Leads

Every day, we freshly generate thousands of exclusive data leads. Each one of these leads is generated for a specific client campaign. Then, they’re delivered to the client within 24 hours.

Regardless of whether the client’s business is in aviation, energy supply, or home improvements, we’ve already run successful campaigns that have generated thousands of customers.

The beauty of this type of lead is that, unlike most data records, you’ll be the first person to use this record since generation. Since you will be able to make contact within 24 hours, you can feel confident that these data leads are hyper accurate.

lead generation agent qualifying leads


Second Use, Cheap B2C Data Lists

If you have an experienced, highly talented sales team, you may not need the benefits of exclusivity and fresh accuracy. Instead, take advantage of competitively priced marketing data lists. One of the key advantages of cheap B2C data, is that the amount of sales you need to make a return is significantly reduced. Often, we see client’s with skilled sales teams make a mouth-watering return-on-investment from second use data lists.

As one of the UK’s leading telemarketing data providers, we know that telemarketing can be a numbers game. Generally speaking, larger volume presents the opportunity for huge rewards. Nonetheless, with marketing data lists, it’s important to make sure that the data you buy is still accurate. Large volumes of out of criteria data, is useless.

Since we have generated leads for over a decade, we’ve created thousands of accurate second use data lists that are used to get new customers for multiple industries.

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Email Marketing Data Lists

Maybe you don’t have any experience telemarketing, or you don’t fancy the financial or laborious outlay of postal marketing. Well, email marketing offers an effortless way to reach hundreds of thousands of prospects on a budget.

In addition to this, it can provide a mouth-watering ROI.

Of course, whether email marketing is the right strategy for your business depends on a few factors.

If you’d like to know more, learn more about our B2C Email Lists, or read about our 5 Tricks to master Email Marketing.

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Direct Mail Data Lists

Cutting out the advertising middle-men is a great way to communicate more effectively with your prospects.

Often, telemarketing campaigns aren’t the right fit for some of our clients. But, B2C data lists still have plenty of value to these businesses.

Postal marketing campaigns are one of the most effective of ways of communicating with a prospect.

Why? It’s the only form of marketing where you can give your prospect something physical to hold. This adds a new dimension to the communication experience. Take advantage of this angle, and our partnership with Royal Mail.

Learn more about direct mail data lists, or read about our 7 Essential Tips to Direct Mail Marketing.

post man delivering using direct mail data


frequently asked questions

We generate our data through a variety of methods. Most of our data is sourced from our network of professional call centres. Specialist lead generation agents complete telephone surveys to generate fresh data and data lists. Alternatively, Direct Data Squad leads are generated by lead generation websites that optimize digital marketing strategies.

Certainly! After 6 months, we'll happily TPS check your data lists for you. We'll even TPS data that yu didn't buy from us for you. It's essential that you TPS check your data in order to be 100% GDPR compliant.

We segment by various metrics, such as behavioural, psychographic, demographic and geographic metrics. This means that whether you want to target consumers by income, job title, location, age, or buying habits, we can help with that.

Why buy marketing data from Direct Data Squad? Every day, UK businesses up and down the country buy marketing data from us and use it to boost their marketing campaigns.

We're one of the leading telemarketing data providers in the UK. If you're looking to contact your prospects by phone, then trust in our reliable telemarketing data and leads for your campaign.

How To Use B2C Marketing Data

Need some inspiration? Here's an outline of 3 hugely successful campaigns that we've run with 3 of our partners.

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