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Qualified, high conversion leads for home improvement services & installations

Home improvement leads are highly valuable and qualified leads of UK consumers actively seeking to update & improve their home with new windows, doors, flooring, decor & more. At Direct Data Squad, we specialize in generating these leads through targeted digital advertising activities.

By delivering these leads to you in real-time, we ensure that you connect with interested and ready-to-buy consumers. Compared to traditional telemarketing leads, home improvement web leads have higher conversion rates, making them an excellent investment for any home improvement businesses.

Home IMprovement Leads

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Instant Delivery - ensuring only the freshest prospects

We generate 100% of our home improvement leads online, ensuring that prospects are never interrupted by unsolicited phone calls. Instead, they have the freedom to engage with our ads at their own pace and express interest when they are ready by submitting their details.

As a result, online home improvement prospects are more receptive to communication compared to telemarketing leads. Our clients have witnessed remarkable success with this type of lead generation.

Swift contact = swift sales

When it comes to contacting these leads, we recommend reaching out to them within an hour of delivery. Acting promptly allows you to capitalize on their interest while it’s still fresh and avoid turning them into a cold call.

Our data shows that clients who make immediate contact with home improvement leads experience the highest conversion rates. While email communication is an option, we advise prioritizing phone calls. Emails can easily get lost or overlooked, especially if consumers are busy.

A phone call, on the other hand, allows you to establish a personal connection, build rapport, and present the benefits of your home services directly.

Find eager consumers who are looking for a home improvement quote

Whilst direct marketing using consumer data is a very effective marketing strategy for plenty of industries, it has proven to be less successful for home improvement services.

To address this, we have developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to gather home improvement leads online – primarily via social media lead generation.

One of the key advantages of this approach is that prospects are never cold called. Instead, they are engaged through targeted advertisements that capture their interest and initiate their customer journey. This leads to a better customer experience and higher conversion rates.

What sort of leads can we offer?

1) Exclusive Leads

These home improvement leads are completely fresh and exclusive to each client, ensuring that you have a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers without facing excessive competition. When you receive this kind of lead from us, it is exclusively yours to pursue.

2) Non-Exclusive Leads

These home improvement leads are non-exclusive, meaning that they could also be provided to any competitors that are targeting the same postcode areas as you. They are still 100% freshly generated, however, meaning that these leads have a high chance of converting if your home improvement sales team is up to the task!

3) Second-Use Leads

Do you have a superstar sales team? Then our second-use home improvement leads might be of use to you – especially if you’re strong on the upsell. We keep a large database of leads that have been generated within the last 12 months containing the details of prospects who have previously asked for a home improvement quote through one of our digital platforms. While not freshly generated, these leads have previously expressed a genuine interest.

frequently asked questions

Every new lead submits a quote request via one of our online ads. Our digital marketing toolbox includes search engine marketing and social media advertising. This includes organic search targeting, as well as advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Google and Bing. For more information on our marketing material, get in touch.

Absolutely. We specialise in generating home improvement leads for companies which offer varying finance percentages. These days more than ever, consumers are looking to buy home improvement services on finance. That’s why we often include financing options in our marketing material.

As a general rule, the stricter your criteria the more expensive the leads will be. Nonetheless, we offer a Best-Price Guarantee on all our leads. We do offer plenty of data options, so regardless of your budget, we’ll have something for you.

It’s always an easy process with us. Simply have a think about which areas you want to target and which type of home improvement service you want to promote, and then give us a call or chat online.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any free samples. However, we do have a small minimum order so that you can test out our products.

100% – and we’re not just saying that because we sell leads ourselves. By using our web lead generation services, you get the contact details of prospects who have expressed direct interest in whatever you offer.

In most cases, any home improvement leads that you can acquire for free are going to be a huge waste of your time.

Unfortunately, some things are too good to be true. And free leads are an example of this. In our experience, most of our clients have tried generating lead with little success. That’s why we work with so many home improvement companies. Find out more about our alternatives to inaccurate free leads.

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