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Accurate & Reliable Life Insurance Leads

Buy life insurance leads today with confidence!

Direct Data Squad have been supplying leads for life insurance agents for over 10 years.

Every day we speak to our broker clients. Due to this, we know that life insurance is more competitive than ever. Now more than ever, a reliable lead generation partner is key to success.

Often, we find that high quality leads are essential for a successful campaign.

Don’t speak with customers who don’t qualify for your products, or simply aren’t interested.

Your expertise is life insurance, our expertise is lead generation.

In fact, ineffective lead generation is costly in both time and money.

Instead of wasting time and money, work with us and we’ll worry about finding your customers. When you buy life insurance leads with Direct Data Squad, you can be sure that you’re contacting highly qualified prospects. Then, you can focus on converting life leads into sales.

All of our life insurance data is qualified by our team of lead generation experts. Therefore, you can be sure that when you work with us, your prospects are waiting for your call.

What Life Insurance Products Do We Offer?

Which product is best for you? Well, it depends.

Before buying data, consider:

  • The size of your sales team
  • Your teams’ ability on the phone
  • Whether revenue could be improved by boosted productivity
  • The size of your budget

1) Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

This form of product are 100% exclusive. With these leads, we work with you to identify your objectives and target market.

With this in mind, we then create a campaign specifically for your company’s needs.

Our lead generation agents will qualify prospects to match your criteria and generate exclusive leads. Finally, the agents then deliver these fresh data records to you within 24 hours.

Life Insurance Leads

A great benefit of this form of data is qualification. Whenever you contact one of our exclusive life insurance leads, you know that they’ve been qualified and opted-in the previous day.

In addition to this, you’ll be ahead of the game. It’s very unlikely that a competitor will be able to steal the prospect.

2) Life Insurance List Data

Data lists are best suited to large, skilled sales teams. If this is the case for you, the potential ROI is huge for this form of data.

Our clients regularly see returns of over 540%. Due to this, this type of data regularly proves to be the most cost-effective form of data.

Our team qualify every record of data we have. Hence, the strong confidence our clients have in our data.

That means that you can be sure that our data is accurate and reliable.

Often, our client’s need highly targeted data lists. That’s why our data-driven marketers can tailor our databases. That way, your business gets a unique marketing list every time.

We offer a variety of list products. So, no matter your company’s budget, target market, and sales skills. We have thousands of highly accurate second-use life leads.

However, if you’re after cheap life insurance leads, we offer multiple use data from 3 months to 12 months old.

3) Life Insurance Hotkeys

Have you ever wished that the phone would ring with a prospect ready to buy on the other end?

Before your hotkey campaign begins, we agree a prospect criterion with you, the client. A lead generation agent then qualifies leads until they find a match.

We’ll have an API integrated into your CRM, so when we have a prospect ready to buy, we’ll transfer them directly to you.

For example, you tell us that you’re looking for prospects aged 30-55 with a mortgage protection policy and paying a minimum of £10 a month. Our agents then contact prospects until they find one that matches your criteria.

At this point, they place the customer on hold and bring one of your agents onto the call. They perform a handover, and your advisor completes the sale.

Because of this, Hotkeys are a totally exclusive lead and are becoming an increasingly popular form of lead for life insurance agents.

Learn more about Life Insurance Hotkeys on our product page.


4) Life Insurance Web Leads

Web Leads are a form of exclusive lead. Due to the nature of how they are generated, the prospects are highly qualified, and also actively searching for life insurance. Because of this, we see digitally generated leads convert at a mouth-watering rate.

Our web leads brand, Jack & Gill, is generating fresh, exclusive life insurance leads every day.

Unlike most forms of data, this form is generated through digital marketing techniques rather telephone survey.

If you’re looking for high quality leads, exclusive web leads could be a great option for your team.

Outsource your lead generation and get ready to ready-to-buy leads delivered directly into your CRM.

Learn more about life insurance web leads.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much are life leads?

As a general rule, the stricter your criteria the more expensive the leads will be. Nonetheless, we offer a Best-Price Guarantee on all our leads.
We do offer plenty of data options, so regardless of your budget, we’ll have something for you.

How do I buy life insurance leads?

It’s always an easy process with us. Simply have a think about what sort of product you need and then get in touch. Give us a call or chat online.

Can I try free leads?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any free samples. However, we do have a small minimum order so that you can test out our products.

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