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At Direct Data Squad, we don’t settle for anything less than the best.

That’s why our clients keep coming back for more.

We have been supplying data & leads to companies across the globe for around 10 years now

We have access to 10 Million B2C Data Records & 3 Million B2B Data Records.

Generating over 10,000 fresh leads per day, those that come with a QUOTE-GUARANTEE

B2C Data Lists, Life Insurance Leads? We’ve got those. Reliable EPC/ECO4 Data? We’ve got that, too. Give us a call today and discover how we can help your sales revenue soar.


We are leading the industry, the ONLY supplier in the UK to offer QUOTE-GUARANTEED leads. 

In this industry, you get a guarantee with Direct Data Squad


All our data & leads come with a guarantee, this ensures there is zero risk working with us. 

We will only provide high quality data & leads.

Our services

B2C Data Lists

B2C data is contact information of UK consumers for direct marketing. Marketing data records can include full name…

B2C Email Lists

B2C email lists are data lists for email marketing. Essentially, they are large email addresses lists of UK consumers…

Direct Mail Data

Direct Mail Data is marketing data that contains a prospect’s name and postal address…

Life Insurance Leads

Life insurance leads are marketing records of UK consumers with life insurance policies…

Health Insurance Leads

Now is the time to be sourcing high quality health insurance leads. Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is becoming…

Home Insurance Leads

Every day, we generate over 2,500 fresh home insurance leads. We’ve been finding…

Consumer Energy Switching Leads

Looking for consumers who are looking to switch their energy provider?

EPC Data Lists

EPC Data Lists are marketing lists of UK homes and their energy performance rating. These leads also include plenty…

White Goods Warranty Leads

Direct Data Squad are experts in consumer leads generation using accurate…

B2B Data Lists

Now more than ever, it’s important to get accurate and reliable B2B data lists.

Whether you’re looking to reach Decision Making Units…

Email Marketing Data Lists

It’s 2023, yet email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective, ROI busting marketing tools around…

Direct Mail Marketing

We are very proud to help companies advertise and grow their business through this method of marketing…

B2B Mobile Renewal Data

At Direct Data Squad, our experienced data-driven marketers specialise in supplying high quality B2B mobile renewal data…

B2B Energy Data

We’re B2B specialists at Direct Data Squad. We work with energy renewal companies up and down the country.

We’re experts in finding the perfect…

ECO4 Leads

ECO4 leads are marketing qualified leads.
Looking for Homeowners with property energy rating of E,F OR G?


We have over 150,000 Available

Life Insurance Hotkeys

Sell Life Insurance and want to maximise your changes of conversions every time that you pick up the phone?

Solar Installation Leads

Solar installation leads are qualified leads of UK consumers who are looking…

Boiler Leads

Boiler leads are marketing qualified leads of UK consumers looking for a new boiler. Each boiler lead has engaged with our digital marketing activity…

#1 Lead Generation company in the uk

Why Direct Data Squad?

Over 15,000 Fresh Leads Everyday!
10 Million+ Consumer Records & 3 Million+ Business Records
Quote Guaranteed Hotkey Leads
Quote Guaranteed Web Leads
15 Years Experience
Client-Focused. We succeed when you succeed
Lead Generation for Multiple Industries
Fresh Leads Every Day
Web Leads Every Day
Consumer Records
Business Records
Real-Time Web Leads

What Industries do we cover?

Why get Web Leads?

our skills

Over the years, We have constantly expanded our service capability and continually improved our lead/data generation methodology - ensuring that our clients get nothing less than the best.
direct data squad
Email Marketing
Web Leads
Data Lists
Can we help? Let's find out...

We wouldn't be a leading UK Data Provider without experienced account managers with over a decade of experience. Chat with one of our specialist leads providers today.

Our Promise
Accuracy GUarantee

We pride ourselves in the data we supply, ensuring its all keep up to date and relevant before we supply this to our clients.

All our data comes with a 95% Accuracy Guarantee giving you peace of mind before buying any data lists from us.


At Direct Data Squad we analyse our data in great depth to allow us to pin point your potential prospects

This allows us to profile our data extensively for which ever product are you selling

Quote Guarantee

With our premium leads, we supply a 100% quote guarantee.

Unlike other lead generation companies we are confident in what we generate and we ensure our clients make a good return on their investment

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