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It’s 2022, yet email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective, ROI busting marketing tools around. However, it’s tricky business. Not only must you do the basics well, you must adhere to GDPR regulations. Since 2018, regulations around email marketing are much stricter. Whilst this may sound like bad news if you’re planning an email campaign, it’s actually great news!

Prior to GDPR rules, email marketing was on the ropes. Open rates, engagements rates, and customer sign ups all plummeted since email marketing had been exhausted by fraudulent companies. Consumer faith in email marketing has returned. Therefore, those who get it right may be handsomely rewarded. If you’re consider starting a campaign, it’s essential that you source accurate email marketing data lists, though.

Don’t believe how good email marketing is? Check out these stats from Hubspot

Depending on who you’re targeting and what you product is, we may recommend different products or services. Whether you’re a B2C  or B2B business, we can help you out. We have over 10 years managing email marketing campaigns for some of the UK’s most prestigious companies.

What industry haven’t we found customers for? Already, we have found new prospects for businesses in car manufacturing, car financing, aviation, energy supply, home improvements, the lot!

The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

  • A solid sender domain that’s verified and authenticated
  • Intriguing subject line and description
  • Engaging and creative email template
  • Promote engagement – what do you want your recipients to do?
  • Avoid spam words, eg: ‘free’, ‘buy now’, ‘win’


Email senders are pretty smart these days. Essentially, if your email and email content isn’t what people want to read, Google and Microsoft will catch on and it’ll get directed to the ‘promotions’ folder or worse, spam.

Why Buy an Email Database?

  • Email database of over 10 million consumers and businesses
  • 100% GDPR compliant email data lists
  • Professionally managed broadcast
  • Creative email template design
Email Marketing Data Lists

For over 10 years, we’ve been managing successful B2B & B2C email campaigns. Regardless of your industry and who your target customer is, we’ll use strict segmentation variables to find prospects for you. We’ve had great success with companies that you would probably recognise. Speak to an advisor, pick our brains and work with us today.

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Email Database for Businesses

If you’re targeting UK businesses, email marketing should be part of your marketing strategy. All of our B2B email databases are full of UK business decision makers. Generally, B2B prospects spend more time looking at emails than consumers do; therefore, contact rates tend to be even higher.

Building an email database is difficult, expensive and time consuming. Skip the hassle and import an accurate database from Direct Data Squad.

We vet and verify each email record. That way, you can be sure that when you buy a business email database, you’re cutting though the noise and getting in front of business DMUs.

Email Database for B2C Market

If you’re targeting consumers rather than businesses, you’ll need a B2C Email List, instead.

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