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Leads for private medical insurance companies

Now is the perfect time to acquire high-quality health/ private medical insurance leads as the demand for Private Medical Insurance (PMI) continues to surge. The UK PMI market is projected to reach a staggering £13.8 billion by 2025, indicating a significant growth trajectory. This burgeoning market offers a plethora of prospects for potential customers.

When purchasing PMI leads, accuracy and reliability are paramount to ensure a healthy return on investment (ROI). With over 10 years of experience in lead generation for brokers, the Direct Data Squad team is well-versed in the intricacies of PMI lead generation. We possess the expertise to help you target any customer segment effectively and efficiently.

Health Insurance Leads

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Quality Leads generated via telephone survey.

We generate accurate and reliable PMI leads through telephone surveys. Our lead generation experts engage prospective customers in conversations regarding their health insurance coverage and insurance policy.

They gather information about their insurance provider and secure opt-ins for health insurance partners to follow up.

Once a prospect is qualified, a data marketer at Direct Data Squad verifies the record’s quality before delivering it to one of our health insurance broker partners.

What information comes with our leads?

Our leads can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. It is important to note that leads with additional information may incur higher generation costs. To learn more about pricing, consult with one of our experts. Typically, our leads include:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Phone Number
  • Medical Insurance Provider

1) Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

Our exclusive health insurance leads are generated through branded telephone surveys managed by our lead generation experts in call centers. This approach ensures the utmost quality of our leads.

During a branded telephone survey, an agent qualifies a prospective client and obtains an opt-in for your company to contact them. This means that when you reach out to these prospects, you are engaging with individuals who expect and want to hear from you.

Another significant advantage is that these prospects have already displayed receptiveness during the initial phone call, making them more likely to be receptive to you.

2) Health Insurance Data Lists

If you have a large & experienced sales team, health insurance data lists may be the ideal choice for you. Our accurate and reliable data lists have proven effective in maximizing the potential of marketing teams with extensive experience.

Some clients even combine this type of data with PMI hotkeys, leveraging high-converting leads and utilizing data lists to supplement their efforts. Are you confident in your team’s capabilities? Put them to the test!

Insurance data lists offer an excellent return on investment as they are cost-effective, requiring only a few sales to generate substantial profits.

3) PMI Hotkeys

If you seek even hotter leads, real-time PMI hotkeys may be the perfect fit. This data type provides access to prospects actively searching for health insurance coverage.
We generate these live transfer leads through telephone surveys.

Prior to launching the campaign, you will collaborate with your account manager to define qualifying criteria. Our lead generation experts will then call UK consumers until they identify a match. Once a consumer is ready to make a purchase, they are transferred directly to you, enabling you to close the sale promptly.

One significant advantage of this data product is its real-time generation, meaning that clients are actively seeking insurance quotes. Consequently, conversions are typically higher compared to other forms of contact data.

What Insurance Providers Do We Include?


AXAExeterHealth on LineSecure Health
Axa PPP Health InsuranceFamilyHealthcareVitality
BCWAFreedom HealthnetHMCAWPA
CSGeneral and MedicalRight to Health 
Groupama HealthcareSAGA  

Should I use Healthcare Lead Generation?

It’s more important than ever to have a reliable healthcare lead provider. Here’s why…

frequently asked questions

Health insurance leads encompass data records of UK consumers who hold private medical insurance policies and have opted-in for marketing. At Direct Data Squad, we meticulously vet and verify each PMI lead to guarantee accuracy and compliance, standing by our accuracy guarantees with confidence.

If you’re looking to buy PMI leads, it’s essential that you do so from a reputable provider like Direct Data Squad. We provide leads for multiple PMI brokers up and down the UK. That’s how we know how to supply the best leads.
Unfortunately, without speaking to you and finding out what your criteria is, we can’t give you a price. As a general rule though, the stricter the qualification and criteria, the more expensive the lead will be. The wider the net you cast, the more affordable the leads will be.
There’s a number of ways to get PMI leads. You can generate them in-house yourself, or you can outsource it to a healthcare lead generation agency. Choosing outsourcing means that you acquire lead generation experience. If you’re looking for a lead generation agency, make sure you choose a good one, like Direct Data Squad!
It totally depends on what type of product you want, how much you want, and how qualified you’d like the leads to be. As a general rule, the more qualified the lead, the more expensive it will be.
The best PMI lead is subjective. Depending on the size of your team and your experience, we may recommend different products for you. Each of our lead products are the best leads for different types of agents. We supply these types of leads to over 35+ health insurance brokers.

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Our Promise

We are fully compliant with the UK Data Protection Laws and proud to say we are 100% GDPR Compliant

Route of opt ins are ALWAYS available to prove where we obtained any consumer information & consent to be contacted under direct marketing purposes, Proof of consent is ALWAYS available

We are registered with the ICO under ZA547375


At Direct Data Squad we analyse our data in great depth to allow us to pin point your potential prospects

This allows us to profile our data extensively for which ever product are you selling


We value your business therefore we would align you with your own personal account manager which will be fully trained to advise you professionally and get to know you and your business.