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Now is the time to be sourcing high quality health insurance leads. Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is becoming more and more popular every year. The UK PMI market is estimated to reach $13.8 billion by 2025. As a result of this market booming, prospective customers are in abundance.

If you’re buying health insurance leads, it’s essential that they’re accurate and reliable in order to get a healthy ROI. The Direct Data Squad team have over 10 years experience generating leads for brokers. We are experts in PMI lead generation and we’re sure that no matter what customer you’d like to target, we’ll be able to find them for you.

What are Health Insurance Leads?

Health Insurance leads are data records of UK consumers who hold a private medical insurance policy, and have opted-in for marketing. Before delivery, we vet and verify each of our PMI leads for accuracy and compliance. Therefore, we can be confident standing by our accuracy guarantees.

If you sell health insurance and are targeting UK consumers, direct marketing using high quality data is the most reliable method of obtaining potential customers. Over our extensive career aiding hundreds of brokers, we’ve developed a detailed understanding of this industry.

Without a huge marketing budget that you can afford to risk, traditional and digital channels of advertising are hugely competitive and often offer very few rewards. However, acquiring health insurance leads with us, allows you to speak directly with qualified prospects. Unlike other forms of marketing, cut through the noise of the market and bypass your competitors. This boosts ROI and reduces your marketing spend.

How Are PMI Leads Generated?

We generate all of our accurate and reliable PMI prospects by telephone survey. For this, one of our lead generation experts speaks to a prospective customer and asks them about their health cover policy. They obtain the provider and an opt-in for a health insurance partner to get back in touch with them. Once the agent has qualified a prospect, a data marketer at Direct Data Squad verifies each record for quality as they come in. Then, they’re delivered to one of our health insurance broker partners.

What Health Insurance Leads Products Are There?

Depending on a variety of factors, we may recommend health insurance produc

Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

We generate exclusive health insurance leads via branded telephone survey. This is managed by a lead generation expert in one of our call centres. Due to this, we can ensure the quality of our leads.

Health Insurance Leads

A branded telephone survey is when an agent qualifies a prospective client, and then asks them for an opt-in for your company name to give them a call back. Due to this, when you call these prospects, you can be sure that you’re speaking to people who want to hear from you, and who are expecting to hear from you. Another huge advantage of this is that the prospects have already been receptive over the phone. Generally, this means that they’re more likely to be receptive with you.

Health Insurance Data Lists

If you have a large, experienced sales team, accurate data lists may be a better option for you. In our experience, we see data lists offer a mouth-watering return-on-investment.

We provide access to thousands of vetted and opted-in PMI data lists. We offer lists, aged between 30 days and nine months. So, depending on your budget and experience, we have a product for you.

PMI Hotkeys

If that’s not hot enough for you, no problem. Real time PMI Hotkeys could be for you, instead. This type of data allows you access to prospects who are actively seeking for health insurance.

We generate this live transfer lead via telephone survey. Prior to starting the campaign, you will agree a qualifying criteria with your account manager. Then, our lead generation experts will call UK consumers until they find a match. Once the consumer is ready to buy, they’re transferred directly to you, so that you can make the sale.

A huge advantage of this data product is that it is generated in real time. That means that clients are actively seeking a quote. As a result, conversions are typically far higher than with any other form of contact data.

Ask us about Health Insurance Hotkeys where we guarantee a quote ready client!

What Insurance Providers are Included?

You will only receive leads with the below providers:

AXA Exeter Health on Line Secure Health
Axa PPP Health Insurance Family Healthcare Vitality
BCWA Freedom Healthnet HMCA WPA
Cigna Friendly PPP Bupa
CS General and Medical Right to Health
Groupama Healthcare SAGA

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