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B2B Energy Data – Buy B2B Data that Delivers Results

We’re B2B specialists at Direct Data Squad. We work with energy renewal companies up and down the country.

We’re experts in finding the perfect customer for UK businesses. We only ever use accurate, highly profiled data. So, when you use our business data, you know that you’re contacting qualified business prospects. Due to this, our B2B clients often see sky-high ROI with our energy renewal data.

Sourcing data with us is easy. Simply chat with one of our experts about your business and campaign. Choose what type of data product suits you and start calling in no time.


B2B Energy Renewal Data with Direct Data Squad

Boost your campaign with more accurate data. At Direct Data Squad, our data-driven marketers provide far more specialist data profiling than most B2B data suppliers. Therefore, our Energy Data clients create much more targeted campaigns. And, as a result, see target-busting revenue.

We generate highly qualified energy data. Due to this, we’re able to create incredibly targeted data lists. So, whether you’re looking for broad market data, or a niche market segment, we’ll find accurate contact information for you.

Since we’ve been helping energy businesses achieve their targets for over a decade, no one understands the B2B energy market better than us. This helps us optimize your campaign better.

In addition to this, we’re a flexible provider. We understand that business is never smooth. So, if whether you’re looking for a continuous stream of leads, or require ad hoc data services, we can help.

B2B Energy Data

Why Buy B2B Energy Data with us?

  • Accurate & Reliable Data – Only 3% inaccuracies
  • Fast Delivery – Next Day or Same Day Delivery
  • Access an Expert Data-Driven Marketer for your campaign

How is Energy Data Generated?

We generate our business-to-business Energy Leads via telemarketing. Each prospect has had an engaging conversation with one of our agents, and opted-in for to hear from our marketing partners.

Once a prospect has stated an interest in hearing from our partners, their contact details are collected and entered into one of our B2B Energy Marketing Lists.

Want To Outsource Lead Generation

Fancy sitting around waiting for a hot lead to call you? We know, but it’s not too good to be true. That’s the life of a Direct Data Squad B2B hotkey client.

With this type of data, lead generation is outsourced to one of our lead gen experts. Prior to calling anyone, you agree a profile criteria with your account manager. Then, our experienced agents call prospects and qualify them against your criteria. Once they find a match, they’ll transfer the prospect directly to your phone. Easy, right? All you have to do is be there to answer the phone and make the sale.

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