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What is Direct Mail Data?

Direct Mail Data is marketing data that contains a prospect’s name and postal address. We use direct mail data to create targeted postal marketing campaigns.

Every direct mail data record comes with demographic information. Therefore, we can perform detailed market segmentation. That way, we can ensure that every direct mail prospect fits your target market.

All of direct mail marketing records come with an opt-in to hear from businesses like yours.

How Direct Mail Works?

Direct mail is a form of advertising that uses printed media, like flyers, and a postal delivery company. This form of advertising bypasses traditional advertising channels. As a result, it gets your business’s message straight in the hand of your ideal customer.

Great news! You don’t even need to worry about delivery. If you buy a direct mail database with us, we’ll offer to manage the delivery for you. We have a long standing partnership with Royal Mail, who handle the delivery our of postal marketing campaigns.

Due to this, postal marketing can be a particularly effective form of marketing. However, it is worth noting that depending on your product, this may or may not be a well-matched media vehicle for your business. Don’t worry though, we’ll let you know whether we think it’s an effective strategy for your business.

What are the Advantages of Postal Marketing?

  • Personable – Postal marketing campaigns are much easier to make personable.
  • Tangible – Consumers prefer marketing material that they can hold in their hand. A lot can said about a business by the type of direct mail letter they use.
  • Trackable Results – By using codes specific to a postal campaign, it’s easy to measure the results of your campaign.
  • Cost-Effective – Unlike traditional forms of advertising, direct mail marketing keeps costs low.
  • Flexible – With postal marketing, there’s a range of formats that you can send. For instance, leaflets, postcards, catalogues, or magazines.
  • Tried & Tested – Postal marketing dates back to 1872. Since then, millions of businesses have created successful campaigns. It’s one of the most tried and tested forms of advertising.

Why Direct Data Squad?

  • 8 Million – Over 8 million postal marketing records of opted-in UK consumers.
  • 4 Million – Over 4 million direct mail prospects of opted-in business decision makers.
  • Royal Mail Delivery – Our partnership with Royal Mail ensures reliable delivery.
  • Affordable – We believe in longevity partnerships not quick money making deals. That’s why we offer a Best Price Guarantee!
  • Marketing Experts – Our experienced team have over a decade of experience managing successful direct mail campaign
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How-To Direct Mail

Here is a definitive but simple blueprint to run a successful Direct Mail campaign.