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High Converting Consumer Energy Switching Leads

Utility Switching Leads

Looking for consumers who are looking to switch their energy provider? Get access to our highly accurate and reliable Energy Switching Leads.

Currently, we’re generating over 2,000 fresh leads every day. Alternatively, if you’d prefer highly profiled consumer data, targeted for your campaign, we also offer accurate consumer data lists.

Our expert team of marketers have over 10 years experience delivering results for energy and utility companies. In addition to this, we are one of the leading suppliers of consumer data in the UK.

Above all, our quality Energy Switching leads capture more profiled prospects than other UK data.

the energy provider and how the customer’s energy bill is processed.

We offer premium, fresh leads that we generate every day and deliver daily if required. This ensures that your telemarketing team only ever have the latest data

However, we also provide extensive data lists for more affordable options.

Gas, Electric, OIL & LPG Energy Leads

We can also generate NEW BOILER leads – Click Here For Info On Boiler Leads

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What Do We Collect?

  • Energy Provider – We capture which utility company supplies their energy.
  • Payment Method – In addition to energy supplier, we collect how the prospect pays their bill

What Products Do We Offer

What Products Do We OfferFresh consumer energy switching leads are generated by our network of call centres and delivered into your CRM within 24 hours. This ensures that you always have the most relevant and up to date marketing data. With these campaigns, they’re ready to start as soon as you complete a payment.After paying an invoice, you get freshly generated leads the very next day!

Accurate Energy Switching Data Lists

Our highly accurate consumer data lists can be profiled by various metrics, so no matter how specific your criteria, we’ll find the customers’ records.

Choose Between:

  • Age After Generation: Generated either 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
  • Usage: First use, second use, or multiple use.
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We wouldn't be a leading UK Data Provider without experienced account managers with over a decade of experience. Chat with one of our specialist leads providers today.